A small overview of the 2012 Téva BOX…

A small overview of the 2012 Téva BOX…

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Remember, last year, Cendrine Dominguez selected students from the MJM Graphic Design school to organize, according to the theme selected, a 15m2 white box. Going from the Haussmann salon to the "Sex and The City" bedroom, here is a brief overview of the BOXes for the 2011-2012 season, before discovering very soon, those for the 2012 - 2013 edition!

BOX 2: Trompe l'oeil dining room

D'Home Productions / Teva ### In this dining room, Marine and Melvina played the originality card and chose to decorate the wall of the BOX with trompe l'oeil wallpaper like a library. A trick that allows to offer this space, two different rooms.

BOX 3: Haussmann studio

D'Home Productions / Teva ### When we imagine a Haussmannian studio, we immediately think of the moldings, characteristic of this type of architecture. In order to update the theme, Ingrid and Anne Sophie decided, using an ingenious tape and painting system, to materialize them with originality.

BOX 4: Sex & The City Room

D'Home Productions / Teva ### We all dream of Carrie Bradshaw's chic and ultra-feminine bedroom in Sex & The City! Charlotte and Aurore, to our surprise, took up the challenge! They immediately thought of the iconic blue of the famous New York brand of jewelry, Tiffany. A guaranteed fashion universe!

BOX 5: Mixed living room

D'Home Productions / Teva ### During the creation of a feminine and masculine salon, Angèle and Anabelle chose to harmonize the walls in two unisex but opposite colors: mustard yellow and taupe. With an original and dynamic shade, and the second more classic, they combine tones that perfectly symbolize this duality.

BOX 6: Bistro cuisine

D'Home Productions / Teva ### Bistro cuisine? We say yes! The red color and retro accessories carefully selected by Jérémy and Mélanie, bring out the warm and gourmet spirit of the room.

BOX 7: Industrial office

D'Home Productions / Teva ### In order to create an industrial office, the students Eléonore and Maud opted for sheet metal furniture with an aged effect, bringing a touch of both chic and vintage.

BOX 8: Vintage design children's bedroom

D'Home Productions / Teva ### What if we went vintage for the nursery? The two budding decorators Anne-Laure and Djalila thought of an idea of ​​genius! That of placing above the bed a blackboard with 20x20 cm tiles where the child can give free rein to his imagination of his bed.

BOX 9: Multicolored playroom

D'Home Productions / Teva ### Sophie and Carlos had the mission of creating a playful and ecological playroom, suitable for children. They then went to paintings based on natural pigments and bet on ultra-vitamin colors such as orange, turquoise and anise green, to bring a touch of pep's to the space.

BOX 10: Multifunctional living room

D'Home Productions / Teva ### The good trick of Than and Angéline to create atmospheres that correspond to each space is to play on the differences in height. For the living room side, they favored low furniture like the sofa and the TV cabinet. While for the dining room, they preferred to opt for a high table. A practical and pleasant multifunctional stay!