The dressing room is installed behind the bed

The dressing room is installed behind the bed

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In the bedroom, the space allocated to the dressing room is always the same. In the hallway, facing the bed or on the side, you almost get tired of it. Too bad we don't think enough about installing it behind the bed! Less popular, this space is more discreet and more within reach. Discover in pictures, all the good reasons to let yourself be seduced by this different but intelligent layout.

A dressing room, mini room apart

Ikéa ### Having a room entirely reserved for the wardrobe is a dream within everyone's reach! Behind the bed and 2 meters from the wall, install curtains, then a wardrobe! You are now equipped with a small "dressing room" at the end of the room!

A cleverly hidden dressing room

Ikea ### Behind the bed, the wall moves. It is actually a white wardrobe with sliding door concealing the wardrobe in the utmost discretion.

A dressing room behind a half partition

Ikéa ### The idea of ​​a small 100% dressing room at the back of the bedroom is also possible if you lean the bed on a half partition. Behind her, place a display of shoes, bags and dresses of all kinds!

A fitted wardrobe on the back of the bed

Ikéa ### Settling in your bed and having a view of an open room is possible when you have a spacious bedroom. The dressing room, the most cumbersome piece of furniture in the room, is therefore housed at the back of the bed to be forgotten.

A sliding walk-in wardrobe running the length of the bed

Ikéa ### Behind the sleeping area, a dressing room has been arranged along the entire length of the latter. Or how to book an out of bed directly overlooking the wardrobe.

A dressing room behind the bed, and curtains

Ikea ### Behind the loft bed, discreet curtains house an almost unsuspected dressing area. Convenient to remove the kit created by the wardrobe and thus avoid cluttering this room / studio.

A dressing room divided in two

Ikéa ### Just behind the bed, or rather, on its sides, two wardrobes each hold the belongings of Madame and those of Monsieur. No question of tangling the brushes! We like this arrangement which allows us to choose our outfit just out of bed.