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Ideas to revamp a chair

Ideas to revamp a chair

Want to change the look of your chairs without breaking the bank? Be aware that there are a few tips to give new life to them in the blink of an eye. Demonstration.

A new chair seat

La Redoute To change the look of your chairs, you can simply change the seat using a chair pad or a dedicated cushion. They are usually tied at the back to perfectly fit the chair.

Decorative socks

Fleux To give your chairs an original look, what if you put their feet warm? There are special socks for the chairs that will give an offbeat look to your seats.

A two-tone chair

Dulux Valentine The trend is for bi-material chairs so to give this effect to your old wooden chairs, paint some parts in white and you will get a Scandinavian style! Remember to sand the wood before you start so that the paint hangs well.

A colorful chair

Dulux Valentine In the same way, you can completely change the color of your chairs using paint. Sand the whole and opt for an original color that will brighten up your interior like this very gourmet pink.

A chair jewel

Fly To create a small decorative detail on your chairs, think of jewelry. Indeed, why not dress the leg of a chair with a small original gri-gri. We can for example opt for a pretty bell or even simply tie a pretty liberty ribbon.

A chair cushion

Fly What if we changed the comfort of a classic chair by adding a cushion to it? Not only will the chair be more comfortable, but you will add an additional decorative touch by opting for a colorful or patterned model.

A chair cover

Ikea To change the look of your chairs in the blink of an eye, you will find many chair covers in decoration stores. The choice of colors is varied as is that of the shapes (with a knot for example or completely straight).

Dress a chair

Ikea To give a new cocooning style to your chairs, play with a large soft plaid or a sheepskin to cover the entire chair. Ideal for putting your chairs in winter mode.