What do your favorite flowers mean?

What do your favorite flowers mean?

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1 / The red rose


You want to prove all your love to your other half by offering him a bouquet of flowers ? No need to search, bet on the Red rose ! It is the symbol of the passion ultimate. Thanks to her, your beloved will be fulfilled…

2 / The orchid


Theorchid, delicate, exotic and graceful, represents thelove, the luxury, the beauty and the strength.

3 / Winter jasmine


In the language of flowers, the winter jasmine is the symbol of the grace andelegance. It is also said to mean: "I want to be everything for you".

4 / The sunflower


The sunflowers symbolize the Sun, the heat, the happiness, but also theworship and the longevity. In short, these are beautiful flowers ideal to offer to a loved one!

5 / The iris


Theiris is promise of happiness. How lucky for those who are offered a bouquet of iris…

6 / The peony


About the peony, it expresses the desire for protection and is a pledge of loyalty. It is often found in bridal bouquets !

7 / Camellia


Thecamellia express the pride of a shared love. It always means a desire, a flame in the heart of the one who offers it… It perfectly expressesworship, the perfection or the beauty of the loved one.

8 / Thought


The thought is a flower with a very diverse language which depends on its color. white, it expresses a first love or an emerging love. Yellow, a love desire. Mauve, the longing for passing love. Pink, the loyalty in love. Red, the strength of love. Orange, the carnal amorous desire and intense… Remember to choose your color well if you want to send a precise message to the lucky one.

9 / The tulip


The tulip is perceived as being the little sister of the rose, associated with love, and symbolizes the emotions and the feelings. If you want to make it clear to your dated you like him, give him a bouquet tulips; she will notice it.

10 / The white rose


Unlike the red rose, the White Rose is symbol of purity, or even chastity. It was traditionally intended for virgin women; know it !

11 / The poppy


Since it is a delicate flower which can fade quickly, the poppy express the fragility in love and can mean: "We love each other sooner".

12 / Geranium


The white geranium reveals love and purity. The pink geranium express your happiness to be loved and to love. The red geranium symbolizes the sadness and the heartache. Cultivated or wild, the geranium with very dark leaves evokes melancholy. So think about its color before offering a geranium to your loved one.

13 / Wisteria


The wistaria is a symbol of friendship, true friendship. It is ideal to give to a longtime friend!

14 / Hydrangea


Some flowers are the symbol thank you and are ideal to offer when you want to prove your recognition. This is the case ofhydrangea, flower of the kindness.

15 / the daffodil


In the language of flowers, themeaning of thedaffodil is the languor of love and desire. It expresses a waiting.

16 / thrush


"Get a bouquet of lilies of the valley and you will be happy"… Le Lily of the valley represents the Renaissance, but also the happiness. That's why we consider it to be lucky charm the first of May…

17 / Chrysanthemum


Above all, do not offer mums to someone dear to you! Like marigold and forget-me-not, these flowers are associated with death and at mourning

18 / The lily


The lily is known to be an emblem of the royalty, but alsolove and some purity of feelings. This is why it is often used for flower-based wedding decorations : it represents true, pure and powerful love.

19 / The daisy


Symbol of purity, ofinnocence and D'loyal love, theDaisy is synonymous with magnitude, from loyalty and D'valued, in the language of flowers. The daisy knows better than other flowers to express with great flattery: "You are the most beautiful", a message that all women love to receive ...

20 / The yellow rose


Finally, beware if you offer a bouquet of yellow roses to your other half. They are synonymous withinfidelity. Ouch!


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