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Design style decor in the bathroom

Design style decor in the bathroom

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In the bathroom, the design helps relaxation thanks to its clean lines that are eye-catching and its functional side which allows you to save time. Here are some inspirations to make your bathroom a temple of design.

Functional furniture

Lapeyre ### The bathroom must remain a functional space in order to save you time in the morning when time is short. For this, we opt for clever furniture: mirrors that hide storage, furniture on wheels and storage in the dressing of the bathtub.

A graphic bathroom

Lapeyre ### For a graphic spirit in the bathroom, we put on a combination of small pieces of furniture to put on the wall. Depending on the location chosen, the bathroom will take on a very dynamic graphic look.

Minimal design

Lapeyre ### Avoid cluttering the space and opt for a minimal design! A storage column, a sink or two and a walk-in shower will constitute the essential furniture for a clean space.

Color to energize the space

Leroy Merlin ### To energize a designer bathroom, we put on color! For this, you can opt for colored furniture or simply paint a wall in red. The color will create a very visual contrast if you opt for dark furniture.