These Ikea rugs that we all dream of having

These Ikea rugs that we all dream of having

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STOENSE, the super cozy round pile carpet


The round shape is very popular in interiors these days. Soft, cozy and elegant, the roundness calls for relaxation. The STOENSE model is proof of this thanks to its design aspect and its pleasant material. With a diameter of 130 cm, this rug is available in several colors to go perfectly with any interior. Under the coffee table in your living room or at the foot of your bed, it will fit perfectly into your decoration.

ROSKILDE, the graphic carpet par excellence


For an interior design and modern, choose the ROSKILDE model. Under the dining room table or in the living room, this rug gives your room a original style. With its bluish hues and his clean graphics, be sure that it will catch the eye of your guests at the next meal or aperitif that you organize at home.

KATTRUP, for a touch of color


Another model, the KATTRUP rug is THE rug that you dream of installing at home. His colorful friezes and his stylish patterns give your interior an appearance warm and full of freshness. At the foot of your bed or towards your sofa, it brightens up your rooms by itself. So if you want bring a touch of color in your interior, this model is made for you!

The geometric shape rug


Streaked with white, black or red stripes, in multicolored stripes, in a zigzag or in geometric patterns as above, here is the STOCKHOLM model. To give your interior a unique and original appearance, fall for these models all more pop than the others! Red, orange, green or yellow, bring a little color into your home. And for those who prefer a more discreet but equally original design, opt for models in black, white or gray tones.

VINDUM, the high pile carpet


In the cocooning family, we would like the VINDUM! Nothing is nicer than walking on a carpet Soft like this one. In winter, no more cold feet and moments of well-being thanks to its tall hairs. At the foot of your bed, under your coffee table or under the dining table, place this rug to enjoy pleasant and warm moments, feet buried in the carpet.

GLUMSÖ, the completely striped carpet


Another original design is the striped carpet. In modern decor and design, the GLUMSÖ rug has it all. It will find its place in any living room and will bring it charm and aesthetics

TOFTLUND, soft carpet


On an armchair or on the floor in a bedroom, living room or bathroom, the TOFTLUND model is THE benchmark for softness. Nothing better than this carpet to arrange a small cozy nest, especially in winter when the cold seeks to enter your home ... For example, do not hesitate to install this soft carpet on either side of your and your children's bed for a gentle awakening

Oriental design carpet


For a warm and colorful corner, opt for Oriental rugs such as the PERSISK HAMADAN, BELUTCH or MIX models. Adorned with beautiful colorful patterns with deep red borders, these rugs are of unique beauty. They brighten up and bring cheerfulness to any living room they dress.

Jute rugs, woven flat


Indispensable in decoration these days, the jute rug has long proven itself. This rug owes its reputation to itssober and chic appearance offering space modernity and aesthetics. At Ikea, prefer the LOHALS model, woven flat, to dress your interior!


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