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20 DIY travel diaries

20 DIY travel diaries

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We're like you, we count the minutes before the holidays - personally, I'm 44,640 minutes before the holidays, I'm having a good end, right? And the holidays are going to pass too quickly and we will only have a little ridiculous sunburn to remember our great trips… It was without counting on our creative ideas unearthed on Pinterest: and if this year, you were doing a DIY version travel diary?

The micro notebook

Kawitoscrap Arm yourself with a ring, small leaves of canson and some pretty stamps to make this small travel notebook, easy to carry wherever you go. Source: Kawitoscrap

The revised text book

Scrapophile Do you remember the text book we all used in elementary school to write down our homework? Keep the principle of tabs to create this pretty travel notebook. On this one, we particularly like the vintage world map printed on the front cover. Source: Scrapophile

Travel samples

Solidarity Solidarity The inside of your travel notebook must be at the height of its cover. When you fill it out, remember to include photos, drawings and small souvenirs! Source: Solitaire Solidaire

The Road book

Les Étoiles du Scrap A true memory box, this road book is more than just a travel diary. Divided into several pockets, it allows you to keep your plane or train tickets and to tell, step by step, your beautiful trip. Source: The Stars of the Scrap

A card as a cover

Akeidah Here is a beautiful idea very simple to realize. Customize the cover by covering it with a simple piece of the world map. From your finest pen, give this travel diary the name of your choice. Source: Akeidah

Travel binder

Fee Belle Scrap If you like being able to tell everything, take pictures, the DIY folder is what you need: you can always add pages! Source: Fee Belle Scrap (//

The spiral notebook we dress

Made in the workshop From two rigid sheets of cardboard, create a personalized cover for a simple spiral notebook that you will fill with memories. Source: Made in the workshop

Chalkboard style

Cecile N For a vintage effect, opt for a black spiral notebook so you will decorate the cover with a white marker. Simple and efficient. Source: Cecile N

Like a schoolbag

Tacha's Blog To prevent your travel notebook from being damaged during your travels, make one with a hard cover. It closes for optimal protection of your memories. Source: Tacha's Blog

Matching notebooks and luggage tags

Willowday Here, we make a travel book for each child and above all we match its luggage tags. DIY chic! Source: Willowday

DIY travel diaries envelopes

Instructables So ingenious: bind envelopes in a nice notebook to store all your travel memories! Source: Instructables

Travel notebook and felt

American crafts From the felt cover, we crack. But the interior of this DIY travel diary is just as adorable… Source: American crafts

Accordion travel diary

Con botas de agua This is perhaps our favorite: we make ingenious pockets to slip lots of little things, sprig of lavender, bus ticket and other, and we add a terribly chic card cover. Source: Con botas de agua

Vintage travel notebook

A beautiful mess At A beautiful mess, we play vintage: vintage postcards, masking tape and voila! Source: A beautiful mess

Travel notebook scrapbooking version

Dear Lizzy Stickers, masking tapes, paint, colored pencils, glitter, stamps, hole punch… We get loose and we make a colorful travel diary! Source: Dear Lizzy

Multi-pocket notebook

Lucy Wonderland For this ingenious system, you will only need paper, scissors and masking tape. What create lots of small pockets to slip all the little things that make a trip ... Source: Lucy Wonderland

DIY travel diary for children

Martha Stewart Before going on vacation, Martha Stewart suggests that you customize blank notebooks for each of your children so that they can list all their travel memories. Source: Martha Stewart

Travel mini-diary

Willowday This mini travel diary will seduce your children: one page per day to write down their feelings for the day or what they preferred in their day! Source: Willowday

Travel box

A pair and a spare Here is the version for those who do not have the courage to keep a diary during their trip: the nice box that collects all the little things collected during your trip! And it's very pretty, which doesn't spoil anything, of course! Source: A pair and a spare