10 trendy office styles for my teen

10 trendy office styles for my teen

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Has your teenager's new office not been chosen yet? Do not panic ! It is not too late to address the issue. As an inspiration, here is a pictorial summary of trendy offices for 12 to 17 year olds.

Arty office

Ikéa ### With the permission of the parents, budding artists from 12 to 17 years old customize their own workspace in their own way. Colorful graffiti covering the desk, life-size drawing or stencil pattern on the walls, that will sow a 100% arty mood in their room…

Table / desk

Paragraph ### This is the new trend that is easy to move and inexpensive: the table serving as an office! A simple diversion of an object to which we say yes!

Minimalist office

Fly ### Integrated under the mezzanine space, this desk plays the minimalist cheek to make room for the bare minimum in terms of work accessories. The best way to visually declutter the room and increase the feeling of space.

Girly office

Ikea ### On the adolescent side, the stylized desk tends to keep cute and girly looks: binders, trash cans and red or pink storage, or even a magnetic garland on which photos, postcards or drawings from childhood are hung .

Graphics office

Maisons du Monde ### The whole style of this office is based on its wall decoration. Composed of a pretty jumble of photos and cutouts in the image of its owner as well as two stickers in the shape of comic bubbles, we love its hyper graphic rendering!

Office space saving

Leroy Merlin ### What is special about this office? Be foldable. Movable at will and easy to store in a hand, that is to say that it is difficult to do better in terms of space saving solution.

Workshop office

Goal ### The industrial workshop spirit is not far away with this wood effect and bitumen gray desk on which we read the inscription "fabric".

"100% hobbies" desk

Maisons du Monde ### Gloriously featuring vinyls from its favorite artists, a ball and basketball photos, this office has managed to make the workspace as attractive as its owner's hobbies.

Industrial office

Maisons du Monde ### The industrial style is in vogue. It is therefore not to be excluded in the choice of the office for teenagers!