A dream villa on the heights of Porto Vecchio

A dream villa on the heights of Porto Vecchio

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At the heart of the Corsican maquis, the architectural agency, Vezzoni & Associés, gave life to an exceptional villa of 350 m2. As out of the ground, this villa offers an ultra contemporary refined decoration, sublimated by a breathtaking view of the mountains and the Gulf of Saint Lucia from Porto Vecchio. Visit…

A villa with exceptional architecture

Patrice Terraz It is seen from the sky that we realize how perfectly this villa is integrated into the surrounding nature. How did the Vezzoni & Associés agency succeed in this performance? Thanks to a series of wooden platforms, which meander through the rocks and vegetation, to gradually access the high point of the site and the construction.

A breathtaking view

David Huguenin As out of the ground, the construction overhangs the rocky ground, while revealing the landscape, without distorting it. Favorite for the breathtaking view of the Corsican mountain…

Ultra contemporary living spaces

Patrice Terraz In a contemporary style, the living room, the dining area and the kitchen occupy the same space. Open to the outside and very bright, these are living rooms conducive to conviviality.

A room with a refined decoration

David Huguenin In the bedroom, we literally fall for the refined decoration of the place, the minimalist terrace and its view of the surrounding nature.

A bathroom open to the outside

David Huguenin Bright and open to the outside, the bathroom perfectly fits the spirit of the villa, between nature and minimalism. As a bonus? A bathtub to relax while admiring the Corsican mountains.

A designer pool that throws

Patrice Terraz In the center of the villa, right between the two volumes dressed in stones that compose it, an incredible swimming pool, suspended above the void, at its end, has been imagined. What guide the eye to the horizon and the Gulf of Saint Lucia from Porto Vecchio.

A graphic architecture

David Huguenin If it fits perfectly into Corsican nature, without distorting it, this villa seduces us especially with its graphic architecture.

A breathtaking view of the Gulf of Saint Lucia from Porto Vecchio

David Huguenin After a few lifesaving laps in the pool, make yourself comfortable in one of the deckchairs that surround it and take the time to admire the breathtaking view that the villa offers over the Gulf of Saint Lucia from Porto Vecchio.

At night, a sensational panorama

David Huguenin At nightfall, the Isle of Beauty reveals itself and offers a panorama of nuanced colors. Leaning on one of the guardrails of the villa, we imagine enjoying the spectacle, one eye on the suspended swimming pool, another on the sky ... Not you?


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