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10 ideas for clever storage in the kitchen

10 ideas for clever storage in the kitchen

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In the kitchen, there is often a lack of space to store all the dishes and kitchen accessories. To remedy this problem, decoration brands offer clever storage solutions that will allow you to better organize yourself and have everything on hand. Discover 10 ideas in pictures.

A drawer hidden in the worktop

Lapeyre To store accessories that never find their place in the kitchen, there are drawers that hide in the worktop and can accommodate specific utensils such as a corkscrew, scissors, a nutcracker ... You will then always have them on hand, without taking up space.

A shelf on the sink

La Redoute To benefit from additional storage space, you can add a small shelf above the sink to arrange the accessories you will need. Place for example your sponges and a paper towel roll but also bet on some plants for the decorative aspect.

Drawer plinths

Ikea For maximum storage, this kitchen has additional storage space by offering drawers in the kitchen plinths. You can then store accessories that you rarely use, keeping the main ones in the drawers closest to you.

Compartmentalized drawers

Arthur Bonnet To sort everything in your drawers and not mix up your brushes, consider adding compartments to your drawers. You will be able to sort spoons, knives and forks and you will not risk injuring yourself while looking for your cutlery.

Smart drawers

Ikea Your drawers will not only be used to place cutlery there. For spices for example, you will find dedicated storage.

Optimized cupboards

Ikea Consider optimizing cupboards that do not have a shelf by adding structures offering storage for dishes. You will also find accessories that allow stacking plates safely.

Optimized drawers

Ikea Choose a drawer that will serve as a garbage chute and arrange it to optimize it. For this you will find different compartments for selective sorting. Choose compartments with a lid for household waste.

Shelves in cupboards

Ikea To avoid having to stack the dishes too much in the cupboards, know that you can add small shelves which will increase the storage spaces. Your dishes will then be safe and your cupboards fully optimized.

Useful closets

Ikea Under the sink, it is not always easy to organize oneself between the trash cans and the cleaning products that one would like to store there. To organize yourself, you will find compartments that can accommodate the waste to be recycled but also household products. Then, all you have to do is fix a bin inside the front of the closet and a plastic bag dispenser to recycle your waste on a daily basis.