The essential recipe books for making jams

The essential recipe books for making jams

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At breakfast or as a snack, jams, marmalades and jellies are a good way to consume fruit all year round! Strawberries, raspberries, apricots and even kiwis, there is something for everyone. For those who want to get into homemade jams, the editorial staff advises you on the best recipe books to adopt.

The Larousse of jams

Larousse In the middle of 340 recipes, Christine Ferber also tells us the story of jam, tells us about the products and their seasonality to become a real jam maker! The Larousse of jams, Christine Ferber, Larousse, € 29.90

Handmade jams

City Recipes varied according to the seasons and the desires! From the fruit of the orchard, to the fruits of the forest, exotic, based on vegetables, flowers and herbs, there is something for everyone! 60 recipes to make at home. Homemade jams, Fanny Matagne, City, € 7.95

Jams and marmalades

Ed. CPE Fruits of spring, summer, winter, all seasons pass there! For a good toast with a thick layer of jam, follow the recipe advice from Jean-Marc Gourbillon. Already a dozen cookbooks published, but this one is the only sweet. Jams and marmalades, Jean-Marc Gourbillon, Ed.CPE, € 11.90

Unstoppable jams

Leduc Editions To get started, nothing could be simpler with this detailed manual and ideas for simple recipes accessible to everyone. Fans will be able to follow very specific techniques to suddenly succeed. No need for equipment, just this little recipe book by Anne-Sophie Luguet-Saboulard. Unmissable jams, by Anne-Sophie Luguet-Saboulard, Leduc Editions, € 6

Jam lessons

Oak This work is both classic and personal. He presents lessons in traditional jams like strawberry jam, regional with mirabelle plum, or original jams like celery, pineapple or rosemary jam. Refined and precise recipes written by Christine Ferber, the "queen of jams". Jam lessons, Christine Ferber, Oak, € 19.90

Unusual and traditional jams

Marabout The little book of La chambre aux jams, a refined grocery store on rue des Martyrs, entirely dedicated to jams. In this book, discover the great classics, new marriages and the jams of the moment! Unusual and traditional jams, Lise Bienaimé, Marabout, € 7.99

My homemade jams

Christine Bonneton A calligraphy recipe book like those in which our grandmothers wrote their recipes with love! Many recipes to relive these childhood memories with joy. My homemade jams, Anne-Christine Beauviala, Christine Bonneton, € 10

Jam recipes

Ouest France Discover in this book all the bases on jam. Its history, simple recipes for amateurs accompanied by practical advice to make the best, the tools to use and everything you need to know to become a real pro! Jam recipes, Vincent de Pommeray, West France, € 9.20

My homemade jams

Editions Rustica A vintage look to find all the recipes of your childhood! More than 50 recipes that will remind you of the snacks at your great-aunt's. My homemade jams, Minouche Pastier, Rustica Editions, € 11.50