A zen and refined bathroom

A zen and refined bathroom

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Are you thirsty for rest and relaxation? That's good, because we have found, for you, Zen and refined bathrooms which gives way to well-being. Between natural materials, light woods, skinning, and beige tones ... We love these 10 simple and beautiful bathrooms.

A beige and black bathroom

Ikea We love the calm that emerges from this pretty bathroom. Between white tiles on the wall and grating on the floor, the harmony of black and beige tones enchants us.

A bathroom with touches of green

Alinéa Know that an overly zen and refined atmosphere can quickly transform the room into a cold, even spartan place. To avoid this decorative faux pas, we wake up the room with a few touches of green, subtly scattered here and there, thanks to accessories (towels, bath mat, soap dish).

A minimalist bathroom

Sanijura How can you not fall for this charming bathroom, to say the least? What we like above all is the harmony of materials and colors. We recreate it with us without delay, and you?

A natural bathroom

Ikea A skilful mixture of stone and wood, this bathroom gives pride of place to natural materials. And to complete this pretty picture, we have a few small plants here and there. Breathe, you are relaxed.

A water green bathroom

Schmidt We are speechless in front of this very aesthetic bathroom. Special mention to the long tub that we would try right there, immediately, now ... Looking at the double sink, we imagine this bathroom designed to form a master suite. We can't wait to see if the adjoining room is as elegant.

A wooded bathroom

Leroy Merlin In this bathroom, wood dominates: vanity, mirrors, shelves, it's everywhere! And not to break the harmony and the Zen atmosphere which reigns in the room, we opt for a very clear green water on the wall.

A graphic bathroom

Schmidt Be careful! Visually, we are more than seduced by this bathroom with contemporary lines. Between bright white tiles, light wooden furniture and designer pendant lights, the light that floods the room dazzles us.

A stripped down bathroom

Sanijura Ultra modern, this bathroom offers a warm atmosphere, despite its simple decor. All dressed in white, it is furnished with light wooden furniture that brings warmth and aesthetics to the whole.

A relaxing bathroom

Schmidt Similar to a cocoon, this bathroom is more than conducive to relaxation. Very bright, it is decorated with multiple storage spaces, essential in any bathroom worthy of the name.