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A small, very natural balcony

A small, very natural balcony

Living in an apartment can have one but not negligible drawback: the lack of green space. However, when you plan it with care, its small balcony can quickly turn into a real corner of greenery to unwind and relax. Here are 10 atmospheres full of charms that are sure to seduce you.

With lawn tiles

Castorama The balcony can also accommodate all your decorative desires. The proof with this checkered effect floor that plays with lawn and reconstituted stone. Nature invites itself in addition with some green plants placed on both sides and others on the balcony.

Planters hanging from the balcony

Ikéa A very small balcony can be transformed into real green space by hanging some plants on its edge. If you even have room to set up a table, you can then accumulate a few additional pots.

Wooden tiles on the floor

Leroy Merlin To give a most natural look to your balcony, bet on a covering of wooden tiles. With a few planters placed here and there and hanging on the wall, we create a real little corner of greenery in the city.

All dressed in wood

Leroy Merlin Few green plants, but a wooden arrangement; this is what gives this balcony its natural ambiance. We add some stone and wicker accessories, and voila!

Zinc pots

Ikéa Know that you don't always have to play with wood to give your balcony a natural spirit. The proof with this one who chooses metal furniture and zinc pots. The accumulation of large plants is responsible for transforming it into a small patch of greenery.

A relaxing corner of greenery

Leroy Merlin Here the balcony is divided into two very distinct spaces. The wooden terrace where we take our meals and the green space which receives us for our moments of relaxation. Arranged with a few green plants, this makes this balcony very natural.

Green accents

Ikea Terrace and wooden furniture make this balcony a most natural and Zen space. A few hanging plants and touches of green here and there confirm the atmosphere of well-being.

A small wooden terrace on grass

Castorama To transform this balcony into a small green space, we lay wooden tiles on a grass floor. Large pots welcoming pretty plants complete the natural atmosphere.

Original pots

Ikéa On a natural spirit balcony, we play with all kinds of flowers and aromatic plants. And so that everything is decorative, we choose different pots like zinc, terracotta, ceramic and even an old crate with a recycled spirit.