The Joke Hotel: a graphic and fun Parisian establishment

The Joke Hotel: a graphic and fun Parisian establishment

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It is in the heart of the 9th district of Paris that we discover an extraordinary hotel. When you pass the door of the hotel Joke immerses you in your childhood memories. The decor designed by Philippe Maidenberg combines modernity and originality by highlighting the world of parties and games. The editorial staff presents this exceptional place in pictures:

Child entrance

Hôtel Joke Bright as a beautiful summer day, this room is installed in the same space as the reception to enjoy your meals or simply sip a juice.

Pretty wraparound armchairs

Hôtel Joke While waiting for the rest of your family, do not hesitate to relax for a few minutes on these pretty beige armchairs. Accompanied by a footrest, they will welcome you after a long day of visiting.

A large fun room

Hôtel Joke The large dining room libraries are full of original knick-knacks that call out at meal times. The target-like table top and the legs of the chairs in the spirit of a mikado reinforce the graphic and playful style of this room.

Corridors with funny walls

Hôtel Joke The coating of the walls of this hotel also accentuates the desired graphic spirit. These very geometric shapes combine perfectly with the target number plate plates. At your darts!

The blue rooms

Hôtel Joke Good humor reigns in this soothing room. The cold colors like the blue of the walls brings lightness. The big wheel, overhanging the bed, amuses the visitor who can turn it and thus have the mood of his stay: breakfast in bed, champagne, don't miss the Louvre…

An atypical decoration

Hôtel Joke This carpet awakens the child's soul that lies dormant in you! We would have used to put it in a child's room but here, it goes perfectly with the design accessories of this room.

The dark rooms

Hôtel Joke This very original room has a large table above the bed composed of magnets offering words to have fun forming sentences!

A very trendy bathroom

Hôtel Joke Very fashionable in recent years, cement tiles are also appearing on the floor of the design bathrooms of the Hôtel Joke.

A colorful terrace

Hôtel Joke Only 2 of the 44 hotel rooms have a terrace like this one. The sober but colorful furniture makes this space chic and practical with even a small table to have breakfast in the sun.