A retro children's desk in 8 lessons

A retro children's desk in 8 lessons

In a surge of general nostalgia, the retro style is once again part of one of the strong decorative trends of the fall of 2012, including in the children's room. First space in the spotlight: the children's office area. Smell of chalk and school atmosphere: everything is there! Demonstration in 8 lessons.

A slate timetable

AM.PM ### A nod to school blackboards, the schedule is played in wall mode and in slate mode so that the little ones can write their materials or homework in chalk over the 'school year.

A retro object as decoration

AM.PM ### An old style terrestrial globe, that's enough to plant a retro decor on the children's desk corner. Sometimes a detail is enough!

Wall hooks like school paintings

### Another legendary reference for the school: coat racks! Usually fixed at the entrance of the class, here they are overhanging the corner of our little wolves' desk so that they can hang all kinds of accessories: jacket, funny pencils, manual creations ... The little extra? The integrated slate board divided into boxes to reinforce the "coat hanger" aspect.

Crossword version wall decor

Castorama ### Line the wall above the desk, the crosswords seem to create an adorable retro look that does not fail to charm us!

A school card found in a flea market

Maisons du Monde ### Over the flea markets, you can find one or two math, French, natural science or geography cards to set the style of the office. Come back in the 60s.

An integrated slate board

Maisons du Monde ### The inevitable chalk board is also installed above the desk so that the little ones can give free rein to their imagination between drawings, schoolmaster's game and rough draft.

Retro patterns

Maisons du Monde ### Evoking the retro style can also have patterns! It will be Vichy tiles, Jouy canvas or peas to decorate the children's workspace.