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New 2014 Comptoir de Famille collection: our selection for less than 50 euros

New 2014 Comptoir de Famille collection: our selection for less than 50 euros

Comptoir de famille has charmed us for over 30 years with furniture and objects that take us back in time. Devoting a particular love for the decorations of the houses of the time, they signed a new collection which takes us from the family house to the elegant and romantic Parisian apartment. Discover our 10 favorites for less than 50 euros.

Flowered version

Comptoir de Famille With the arrival of spring, the flowers point their nose to the cushions. We invite them on the living room sofa or on a small bench in the garden to brighten up the decor. Small cushions: 27.90 euros / Large cushions: 44.90 euros

Bistro aperitif

Comptoir de Famille At aperitif time with friends, we take out our pretty bistro-style dishes. They are then placed directly on the table or on a blue and white checkered tablecloth to perfect the atmosphere. 23.90 euros

Refined baskets

Comptoir de Famille Since the baskets have decided to occupy all the rooms in the house, we do not hesitate to install them in the bathroom. We then easily store our towels and beauty products. Small basket: 20 euros / Large basket: 45 euros

Delicate dishes

Comptoir de Famille Lovers of refined and delicate dishes will be charmed by this service with old motifs. The black and white combination gives a lot of chic to the table, elegant isn't it? 8.90 euros per piece

Light on the candlestick

Comptoir de Famille The chandeliers are back in service and on a table with a romantic decor they have a little effect. When the meal is finished, no question of putting them in the cupboard, we put them on the edge of the fireplace or on the buffet in the dining room. 49.90 euros

Elegant hat boxes

Comptoir de Famille Don't have a hat to put away? It does not matter, you can slip in this box many other things, like your scarves, tights or caps that will feel very good. You can also transform it into a storage pocket once placed in the entrance. From 11.90 euros

Family house spirit

Comptoir de Famille We are totally seduced by the family house style and Comptoir de Famille makes it good for us. Love at first sight for these bowls with garden and vegetable motifs which set the tone for the decor. 13.90 euros

Ceramic pot covers

Comptoir de Famille In the garden or in the house, you don't hesitate to slip your flowers or plants in pretty ceramic pot covers. Green or blue, it's up to you. Blue flowerpot: 10.90 euros / Green flowerpot: 24.90 euros

Romantic plates

Comptoir de Famille Atmosphere tea room or snack with friends with this tableware with old and romantic pink patterns. Placed on a white linen tablecloth, and accompanied by some elegant accessories, the decor is most distinguished. Box of 6 plates, 49.90 euros