Mismatched chairs: decorative trend in the dining room

Mismatched chairs: decorative trend in the dining room

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For all those who always have a hard time making up their minds, it is the mismatched chairs trend that you should turn to. Around a large dining room table, they bring a touch of recovery 'totally in tune with the times, provided you do not try too daring combinations. Here are 10 photos to draw inspiration from.

Colored version

Vitra Followers of the mismatched style, play the game to the end by betting on chairs of all colors. And to accentuate the look, choose a table also in a bright color. It is amazing!

Mix of chairs and stools

Maisons du Monde Two colors are enough to give your dining room a unique style. We like the combination of chair and stool in raw gray and sky blue metal which softens everything. The atmosphere is soothing and the table decoration successful.

Agreement of pastel shades

Muuto If like us you are in love with pastel shades and you never can decide, adopt them all! At Muuto, the chairs are adorned with pink, blue or even yellow that we install around a neutral wooden table. The result is very trendy.

Association of chairs and a bench

Maisons du Monde A seaside style dining room also lends itself very well to the seating mix. The proof with this atmosphere which associates identical chairs but of different colors with a bench and a reel of rope. You can almost hear the swirl of the waves…

Mottled spirit

Vitra What we like about the mismatched chairs look is the vintage recycled look that comes out. Around a large table, one imagines that each chair was hunted according to the empty attics and other flea markets. The effect is only very successful.

Industrial look

Maisons du Monde Easy to choose different seats to position around a table with an industrial look. A leather effect chair, a metal wood stool and a factory-style rope spool, and voila!

Baby's chair

Tikamoon School chair, Formica chair, yellow Charles Eames chair and at the end of the table, a designer baby chair that highlights the mismatched idea. We love !

A touch of color

Vitra Around this table, sober colored chairs dominate, but they are not the ones that set the tone. The unique yellow seat awakens the decor and lights up the room.

With covers

Maisons du Monde Lack of idea or budget, you can also choose the chair cover option. In this dining room with a romantic look, we adopt beige and purple covers that are positioned opposite one another. A good idea to reproduce!