Baby room: wallpapers for inspiration

Baby room: wallpapers for inspiration

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While waiting for the arrival of the newborn, it is time to devote himself to the decoration of his future bedroom. A universe that we create in particular thanks to wall coverings… Precisely, here is a selection of wallpapers perfect for baby's room.

Elephants in series

Art for Kids ### Funny elephants! One behind the other, right side up or upside down, dark blue, light blue, gray or bottle green: Babar's cousins ​​create an effect that is both graphic and enchanting in children's rooms.

Make way for poetry

Ferm Living ### On a white background, this slightly arty wallpaper reveals pretty drawings of houses, clouds, forests and funny animals delicately drawn freehand. So poetic!

Pretty birds

Harlequin ### Perched on tree branches, these whimsical birds in girly colors create a light and sparkling atmosphere in the nursery.

My beautiful birdhouse

Serendipity ### The decorative trend of bird shelters is available on the walls, dressing the nursery with poetry.

Fairy tale

Serendipity ### Soon, you will read him an enchanting story for children. In the meantime, you can still decorate your room with fairytale wallpaper, a lovely black forest in which the heroes of books live: birds, rabbits, frogs, squirrels, owls ...

Wall garden

Contemplatives ### With this wallpaper, carrots and salads are invited on the walls, creating a decor like a vegetable patch.

Dreamy mood

4 walls ### Dotted with small patterns of snowballs, stars and playhouses, this cream-colored wallpaper creates a soft and dreamy atmosphere in the nursery.


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