Selection of arty wallpapers for kids

Selection of arty wallpapers for kids

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The objective: to energize the children's room in an arty spirit. For this, we opt for funky wallpaper: quickly discover our selection!

Multicolored peas

Leroy Merlin ### Revisited in multicolored fashion as if they had been painted with a brush, voluminous dots have invaded the walls of the children's room, and punctuate them with sparkling colors.

Marine geometry

Art for Kids ### Playing heads or tails, hyper graphic fish follow one another on this wallpaper. The optical illusion awaits us ...

Tailor-made creativity

Graham & Brown ### Multiplying the framing patterns on all scales and in all formats, this wallpaper is just waiting for one thing: to be exhibited inside his empty art gallery , our children's drawings.

Magic garden

Art for Kids ### On the walls of this room, we planted fruit full of fantasy: round or oval, they are mostly blue, pink, yellow or red. Could it be the fruit of the vivid imagination of a children's illustrator? Very likely.

Hands of artists

4 walls ### The imprint of blue, pink, yellow, green, red or orange paint of children's hands nicely lines this decidedly arty wallpaper. Or when the decor is inspired by manual kindergarten and elementary activities.

Flower power

Leroy Merlin ### Bright and graphic, this * flower power * wallpaper reminds us that the floral print can also adopt an arty air.

Air bubbles

4 walls ### Small or large, these transparent, blue, green or gray air bubbles are mingled happily on the wall vertically.