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Transparency trend in decoration

Transparency trend in decoration

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The new "it" decoration color is a non-color called "transparency". Stung by the * Minimum * scenography by Elizabeth Leriche at the Maison & Objet trade show for the start of the 2012 school year, this crystalline trend is in perfect harmony with the return of clean, limpid, chic and minimalist interiors. The point in pictures.

Transparent lamp base

AM.PM ### Perched on a base made of glass balls with decreasing widths, this lamp fits elegantly into the "transparency" trend. And to accentuate the card of a hyper refined decoration, nothing like a series of mirrors and all white objects.

Transparent glass bells

Castorama ### Difficult to ignore the staging under bells when glass is in the spotlight. It's time to slip in sweets, objects and jewelry so as to duplicate their decorative effect in the house, while creating surprise and chic attitude.

Transparent chairs

Fly ### The chairs also dress in translucent mode. Slightly tinted, the models opposite reveal in addition, fine lines, totally in line with the refined and light spirit of the trend of the moment.

Transparent decorative letters

Fly ### XXL version, bright and transparent, the decorative letters take on futuristic airs.

Transparent table lamp

Ikéa ### Like a tinted carafe filled with water, this translucent table lamp lets appear the patterns of the wallpaper covering the wall behind it.

Transparent textile

Ikéa ### And now, transparency in textiles! Here, lace is in the spotlight. Its lightness, its softness and its super fine patterns highlight divinely the refined style of the back to school.

Transparent coffee table

Fly ### Classify the coffee table! We like its game of transparency with a slightly bluish color.

Transparent door

Lapeyre ### Dotted with transparent patterns on a white background, this glass door tilts facing the very fashionable 100% transparent decor. No more secrets between the living room and the kitchen.

Transparent furniture

Schmidt ### A fine example of the total transparent look with these glacier-colored lacquered furniture that sow a pure and design atmosphere in the kitchen.


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