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An outdoor shower to cool off in the garden

An outdoor shower to cool off in the garden

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While summer temperatures are back, the editorial staff offers a selection of outdoor showers to install in your garden. Ideal for rinsing yourself out of the pool, or for cooling off after sunbathing, the outdoor shower is indeed the flagship accessory of this summer! Let yourself be inspired by our 10 favorites.

That simple

Leroy Merlin Made of simple black PVC, this solar garden shower slips into any environment without making waves. Solar shower in black PVC, € 199.90 at Leroy Merlin

Integrated misters

All'Acqua The Desjoyaux boutique To cool yourself even more efficiently, you opt for this solar shower with integrated misters. All'Acqua solar shower, € 257 at La Boutique Desjoyaux

Small budget

Irrijardin Big or small budget, we all have the right to be able to refresh ourselves in style during the summer. This design solar shower and low price. Solar shower, € 119 at Irrijardin

By the pool

Ubbink / Leroy Merlin After a slightly chlorinated swim, nothing like a good hot shower. Luxury straight solar shower, € 209.90 at Leroy Merlin

Like a real shower

La Boutiques Desjoyaux / Doccia With its large knob and mixer tap, this outdoor shower has nothing to envy its cousins ​​in the bathroom. Doccia outdoor shower, € 150.50 at La Boutiques Desjoyaux

Like a big bottle

Irrijardin With its rounded lines, this pretty outdoor shower is discreet and adapts to the environment of your garden. Solar shower, 195 € at Irrijardin

Miniature version

Little Shower Deluxe / La Boutique Desjoyaux Discreet by its size, this pool shower contains no less than 20 liters of water. We like its "luxury" finish: an alliance of anthracite aluminum and chrome colors. Solar pool shower, € 350 at La Boutique Desjoyaux

Always as small

Little Shower / La Boutique Desjoyaux Here is our little shower again, in a less luxurious but just as pretty finish. Little Shower solar pool shower, € 190 at La Boutique Desjoyaux

Vintage looks

Sole - Acqua / La Boutique Desjoyaux We love the vintage look of the shower head in this resolutely modern shower. Solar pool shower, € 169 at La Boutique Desjoyaux

True shower enclosure

Azure / From one garden to another It is not because you take an outdoor shower that you do not want to benefit from a little privacy. Here is a nice solution: this outdoor shower is fitted with a wooden cabin. Azure shower in Iroko, more information from D'Un Jardin to another

Height of luxury

Unopiu 'So this is the very high-end version of the garden shower, marketed by Unopiu'. In teak and aluminum, it acts as a decorative object as well as a source of freshness. Aluminum and teak solar shower, € 2,470 at Unopiu '

The foot shower

from one garden to another This garden shower has the distinction of having no mixer or tap. It is activated simply by pressing the push button located on its base. Shower Golf, more info at Un Jardin à l'Autre

Mini nature version

from one garden to another Rather than a shower, we are talking about a refreshment point here. This very discreet shower will be perfect when you want to wet your feet. Borne Iroko, more information on From One Garden to Another

An arch of freshness

from one garden to another For an instant refreshment, opt for this arch-shaped shower. Equipped with three showers, it is incredibly effective. Shower Bridge, more information on From One Garden to Another

The discreet

Quartz / From one garden to another Extremely fine, this garden shower blends in perfectly with the decor. Quartz outdoor shower, more information at D'Un Jardin à l'Autre
La Boutique Desjoyaux Very solid, this inclined metal shower will go through the years without problem to bring you always more freshness. Inclined solar garden shower, € 545 at La Boutique Desjoyaux


From one garden to another Here is a good variant of the garden shower: the sprayer which diffuses a fine rain of water around it. Refreshing as you wish! Stainless steel bollard, more information from Un Jardin à l'Autre

A large pommel

Aquabella White / La Boutique Desjoyaux The large applez of this very designer garden shower will give you a very pleasant sensation of falling rainwater. Aquabella White Shower, € 471 at La Boutique Desjoyaux

Durable zinc

PANAME / From Garden to Garden Its zinc structure guarantees this shower a longer lifespan than that of certain other models. Design, it has a large shower head for your comfort. Anthracite Paname shower, more information from D'Un Jardin to another


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