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Decorative beanbags in the teenage bedroom

Decorative beanbags in the teenage bedroom

Teens also have the right to their decor. To receive friends, to work on their courses or their exams or to book a book or surf the Internet, an ottoman in their room has all the good reasons to serve them. They usually spend a lot of time there and feel comfortable there. We do everything so that the decor is also there for a pleasant living room.

A rock'n'roll ottoman

Paragraph We choose it in leather, preferably black to indicate our tastes in music. If your son is a fan of the biggest rock bands, you have the pouffe there. Above, he can spend hours listening to their legendary albums.

An industrial ottoman

Purpose Teens have certain preferences for specific colors. And it turns out that red and black are part of it. We quickly give an industrial dimension to the room, with accessories and a well-chosen decor.

A floor cushion ottoman

Ikéa Another version of the pouffe to be installed in the teenage bedroom: the floor cushion. It uses the same feeling of relaxation and allows you to lie down entirely. With a few colored cushions, we create a space that gives the teenage bedroom a more adult dimension that they will appreciate.

A recuperated cushion

Love Creative People The vintage trend also affects the youngest: we choose a small pouffe with the air of salvage. Like a fabric patchwork, this one appeals to the world of sport, all in the colors of the United States, the number 1 destination choice for teens.

A disco ottoman

Maisons du Monde For the girls most concerned about their appearance and the decor of their room, those who like when it shines and glitter, we play the game of the star until the end with this pouffe with silver reflections that fits perfectly into a bright decor!

A vintage pouffe

Maisons du Monde Teens, always aware of the latest fashions, will fall for this collection of poufs straight out of the 1950s. And as they quickly change their mind, we will not hesitate to prick them, as soon as they don't will find more to their liking, to install it in the living room.

A soft beanbag

Maisons du Monde For those who lack sweetness, or who need to reconnect with nature, we install a very soft teenage bedroom with noble materials: wood, faux fur, thick carpet ... a real space of comfort to feel comfortable.

An original pouffe

Maisons du Monde A dog lamp, a pair of boxing gloves hanging on the wall, a half-suitcase / half-storage pouffe… This is a very original decoration, for those who are not lacking in audacity. Convenient, many poufs have a liftable seat which reveals a storage chest. No more excuses for not having a nickel room!

An XXL pouffe

My note deco By dint of thinking big, the pouf becomes XXL and turns into a real XXS sofa. Convenient to chat with friends after class and design a real mini-living room in your teenager's bedroom.