Teen office: 10 development possibilities

Teen office: 10 development possibilities

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Back to school is approaching, slowly but surely! Now is a good time to review the layout of the office, especially for children who become teenagers in the space of a summer! It's up to you to draw from the 10 most coveted layouts.

In a wall recess

Castorama ### Wall recesses are not wasted space if we take care to arrange them intelligently, by installing a desk area for example, and full-height storage!

In the middle of a piece of furniture

Castorama ### It is the discreet layout par excellence: an XXL piece of furniture glued to the wall with dressing room, storage shelves and… integrated desk! For all those who find that a highlighted workspace is not an added value in the decoration of the room.

Ephemeral development

Leroy Merlin ### The office area breaks the passage in his room? Opt for a foldable desk that can be stored against a wall when not in use!

Nomadic development

Ikea ### Movable as desired, this minimalist desk sticks to the wall or fits around the bed so that teens can work wherever they want.

Under the mezzanine

Fly ### Your teen is sleeping high up? Then take advantage of the ground floor of the mezzanine to arrange an office and suitable storage!


Goal ### If your bedroom is spacious, you allow yourself a layout perpendicular to the wall, so that you can sit in front of the window and thus benefit from daylight to do your homework.

At the bottom of the stairs

### When the youth desk doesn't fit in their room, which is too small, we show inventiveness by finding a place for it at the bottom of the stairs or in the hallway!

Under the eaves

Ikéa ### The roof of her bedroom is in the attic? No problem ! The office will find its nest there provided that it is surrounded by shelves of tilting storage…

Against the wall

### The most classic of office layouts is this one!