Tiling has not said its last word

Tiling has not said its last word

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Parquet, waxed concrete, vinyl, there are many coatings that have stolen the limelight over the tiles for a long time at the top of the list. However, the latter has not said his last word and proves it to us through these 10 inspirational photos where he is king!

Metro tiles

In the kitchen or in the bathroom, the metro tiles are installed on the walls for a very successful decorative effect. White, gray, black, red, all you have to do is make your choice.


We are literally in love with these red terracotta tiles which, unlike usual, are installed on the wall and not on the floor. In a bathroom, it throws right?


Mosaic is an ancient art, yet it has not aged in our interiors. In our contemporary bathrooms, we adopt it in the form of small colored tiles on the shower wall or on the splashback.

Several tiles

In the bathroom, you can also mix the tiles without making a false note. Here long blue rectangles rub shoulders with large black tiles for a contemporary look of the most successful.

Rustic appearance

In a large family home, the tiles do not hesitate to invite themselves into the bedroom. These large orange terracotta tiles bring a lot of charm and authenticity to the room.

Original creation

If you have creative flair, you can also try some experiments with tiling like this original piano that slipped in the shower.

Checkerboard floor

Timeless and timeless, checkerboard tiles never stop coating the pieces of our interiors. Kitchen, living room and even bathroom have fun with these black and white tiles or with more colorful versions.

Cement tiles

Very trendy for some time, cement tiles have no problem justifying themselves in any room of the house. If we highly appreciate them in the kitchen or in the hallway, they can also be loved on the bathroom floor.

Mosaic for the bathtub

It is not because you have chosen a certain model of tiling for the floor that you should use the same for the contours of the bathtub. A small black mosaic goes perfectly with clear, plain tiles, don't you think?