An industrial style bathroom

An industrial style bathroom

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The bathroom takes on the air of a New York loft, a factory or a large warehouse. In order to avoid finding yourself in an atmosphere that is not very warm and contrary to the idea of ​​privacy, we do not hesitate to play with the materials, codes and decoration of styles for an industrial bathroom but not cold for as much. The industrial decor invades the bath, the shower and the sink until the soap and toothbrushes.

Metal again and again

Maisons du Monde We put it everywhere: towel racks, washbasin, mirror, table… Metal has invaded the bathroom to the delight of fans of industrial decor! The small detail in addition: the brick walls falsely repainted in white for a "worn" side.

Wood and metal

Alinéa A duo that will always work: wood and metal. They are found in accessories, decor but also furniture or the mirror. A taupe wall spices up the general atmosphere and avoids the four white walls.

Elegant technology

Leroy Merlin You give your bathroom a surgical look with a shower that would make any spa worthy of the name fade. Power of jets, temperature, walk-in shower ... We have fun with technology to avoid mornings awake.

Recovery at the heart of the decor

Maisons du Monde We redouble our inventiveness by recycling business equipment directly, as here with this metal container painted black, which becomes a sink. A golden idea!

Minimalism at the rendezvous

Paragraph Black, white, gray. Simple and defined forms. This takes us to the other side of the planet in a New York loft where the decor is minimalist and industrial. The adventure is behind the door ... in the bathroom!

Large spaces

Ikea For those lucky enough to have a large bathroom, you already have half the recipe in your pocket. Indeed, who says loft and old factory necessarily says space. We accentuate this effect with tiling in XXL format and white furniture that reflects light. Then it's up to you to play with the warm colors and textures, like the wooden bench, to warm up the atmosphere as you wish.

Gray on the walls

Alinéa Second possibility for playing with tiles: small gray tiles. All-over on the walls it gives the impression of being in an old warehouse. Here again we warm up the atmosphere with color, like a purple washbasin cabinet.

The accessories that matter

Maisons du Monde We play the game to the end with well-thought-out accessories, such as those offered by Maisons du Monde. In noble materials, they are placed around the sink to set the tone for the whole room without having to redo everything. Home decor at low prices is possible.

An industrial window

Maisons du Monde To store your towels, beauty products or accessories, you choose a display case that will not suffer from temperature and humidity differences, but that gives a real style to the room.


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