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Top 10 of the hottest red kitchens

Top 10 of the hottest red kitchens

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Totally in trend for several years, red cuisine has not said its last word! Beyond being a timeless color, the red color can be declined in different styles. Combined with white, gray or light wood, it can be modern but also pop or elegant. In short, there's something for everyone ! To form your own opinion, here is our favorite selection.

Red storage elements

Castorama In this Gossip Cooke & Lewis kitchen, the low storage units are in red lacquer. Only certain parts of the tall storage units are also painted in the same color, which gives visual continuity and highlights the stainless steel elements such as the light fixtures, the hood and the credenza bar.

Red to enhance the cuisine

Ixina The Bahia kitchen, discovered in the 2016 catalog of the Ixina brand, has a blood-red background but more sober storage elements. It is a good alternative so as not to tire of a monochrome room.

Geometric shapes

Ikea In this glass roof, the kitchen creates an interesting geometric shape thanks to its passion red storage elements and the white space. If you opt for this kind of two-tone room, consider painting your floor and ceiling in the lightest color.

Wine-based cuisine

Leroy Merlin If you do not want to have a room that is too flamboyant, opt for a darker shade of red like this wine color, which is suitable for contemporary kitchens as well as more rustic rooms with brick or wooden elements.

Red in small touches

Mobalpa Is the total red look not to your liking? Use this color in small touches, as in this Kiffa kitchen, by buying certain cupboards, chairs but also red decorative elements. This will bring more brightness to the room without visually overloading it.

Vitamin American cuisine

Aviva In an open kitchen, you can play with colors in a linear fashion, by installing open shelves and cupboards at the same height while putting low storage units aligned in the same shade. The little extra? Have a reminder of red against the work plan.

A warm credenza

Flora Auvray To energize your kitchen, nothing like a flamboyant splashback. On the blog of the architect Flora Auvray, you will find all the advantages of adopting this color in this very particular place. Also consider installing LED lights above your worktop to be better lit when cooking.

Paint a section of wall

Ikea This two-tone kitchen combines modernity and originality. While all the storage is black, the red wall brings out the open shelves that are attached to it and highlights the accessories that are placed there. Do not forget to combine a few objects and utensils in the same tones, such as hanging lamps, a fruit basket or a cutting board.

A two-color work plan

Cuisinella In Trend cuisine by Cuisinella, red is used sparingly. It is found on the support of the marble worktop, which also serves as a dining area. This configuration is ideal in a loft or in an industrial style room.