A candlelit outdoor table at Point à la Ligne

A candlelit outdoor table at Point à la Ligne

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The sun is there and our desire to dine in the great outdoors too ... it is therefore more than time to look into its summer table decor. Essential accessories: candles, which we like to install in large numbers when receiving guests. Fortunately, Point à la Ligne has thought of everything and has created some more creative candles for you. To inspire you, here are 10 tables lit and decorated by these small flames that will warm the decor.

A flowery table

Point à la Ligne Flowers are also on the table decoration side. To make it original, opt for pots filled with roses, all in wax. To reinforce the floral spirit, you can add a few candles in the shape of a rose placed in candle jars.

Floral composition

Point à la Ligne Candles in the shape of a rose are also used in your flower arrangements. To create a unique centerpiece, opt for a large pot filled with water and small spring flowers. The rose can then be improvised as a floating candle and becomes the central element of your decoration.

By the seaside

Point à la Ligne The seaside style takes over your garden table with candles in the shape of shells or fish. Placed on a piece of driftwood, they prove to be very decorative.

On the table runner

Point à la Ligne To create a brightest table runner, opt for the accumulation of candles over the entire length of your table. Installed on small mirrored trays, their light is easily reflected and diffused.

Colorful balls

Point à la Ligne We like the combination of green and white with these candles which create a natural decor on the table once placed in candle jars. If you want to compose a colorful decoration, then bet on ball-shaped candles in many colors. Good humor guaranteed!

An illuminated tree

Point à la Ligne Candles easily bring a touch of elegance to the table, especially when placed on refined candle jars. Love at first sight for this tree-shaped model that diffuses light with finesse.

A table full of pep

Point à la Ligne Flowers and colorful cacti of this table know how to bring pep to the decor. Installed on a wooden table, there is no need to add a tablecloth.

Lotus flower

Point to the Asiatic Atmosphere Line for the table with these candles in the shape of a Lotus Flower. Barely hatched, they diffuse very pleasant soft gleams.

Radiant cacti

Point à la Ligne These candles in the shape of a cactus have no trouble bringing good humor to the table with their radiant colors. Placed here and there, they are enough to create the decor for an evening with friends full of charm.


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