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Gardens, Garden: 10 inspirations for the terrace

Gardens, Garden: 10 inspirations for the terrace

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Spending hours relaxing on your terrace or in your garden is so pleasant! To take full advantage of these hours of rest, we have selected, for you, in the "Jardins, Jardin" lounge, 10 decorative inspirations for the terrace.

A decorative brazier

Ideal to enjoy a good meal with friends this summer or to warm up after dark, this magnificent brazier will find its place in your garden or on your terrace.

A wooden cabin for children

Share your large terrace with your children, it's possible! You just have to install a pretty wooden hut that they will love at first sight!

A little corner for toddlers

This children's area has been designed entirely with wood. Armchairs, on the walls passing by the toys, the light colors will calm them barely installed.

A wicker armchair to relax

On the terrace of your country house or in your urban garden, this magnificent hanging wicker armchair will make you feel like in a cocoon.

An all zinc terrace

A good idea for those who love authenticity! From bird cages to armchairs, through tables, this terrace was imagined only with zinc furniture.

Floor lamps for your exterior

They are usually found in living rooms, but floor lamps are also used outdoors. You can finally read outside before going to bed. With its black lampshade and its designer base, it will quickly find its place on your terrace.

Hives for individuals

There are flowers but also bees. Improvise your beekeeper with these terracotta beehives which are a great alternative for saving bees! Without varnish or enamel, their rustic side will suit all exteriors.

A contemporary garden

These large sofas will be perfect for lounging and enjoying the sun! To bring a note of good humor to this contemporary and sober living room, small colored bags were hung on the wall like flower pots. We keep the idea!

A Zen terrace

Get away from it all with this Japanese and contemporary terrace. Thanks to its green wall and the water flowing along a mirror, you will be completely disconnected and soothed. Easy to maintain, it will delight more than one!