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10 DIY for cats

10 DIY for cats

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We love our little furballs! To please them, we don't hesitate to bend over backwards… Need inspiration for a new present? Discover our 10 DIY ideas for cats found on the web.

A crochet basket

Eilentein Wool, hooks and a little patience will be needed to make this pretty ball basket for cats. Source: Eilentein

A homemade scratching post

Almost Makes Perfect This cat scratching post made of light wood and big string will please your cats as much as your interior with its soft notes. Source: Almost Makes Perfect

Crochet toys

Dabbles and Babbles What a great idea to reuse rolls of toilet paper or paper towels to make cat toys! Covered with a small crochet woolen fabric and fitted with a small bell, they will have their little effect. Source: Dabbles and Babbles

A felt mouse

Moukita It's well known, cats love little mice! With felt, a little padding and a sewing kit, you can make one easily. Sure he will love it! Source: Moukita

A bed in a wine crate

Caely Collect a wine case, paint it white, add blond wooden feet and a small decorative cushion. Here is a cat bed that throws it! Source: Caely

A cat tent

Instructables Two hangers, a piece of cardboard, a funny sweatshirt, a few pieces of scotch tape, that's all you will need to set up the tent inside for your cat. Source: Instructables

An invisible litter

Few Bits Litter is not always very aesthetic let's face it! To remedy this problem, why not make one yourself out of wood and mounted on casters? Source: Few Bits

A sandpaper scraper

Old House New Tricks With a few wooden trestles and corrugated cardboard, you can make a great scraper for your little ones. Source: Old House New Tricks

Burgers and hot dogs

Laura Gummerman Hamburger, hot dog, donut ... if your cat is a little greedy, he may love these toys made of felt. A large needle and a beginner's level in sewing will be necessary to make them. Source: A Beautiful Mess


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