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The canopy plays it contemporary

The canopy plays it contemporary

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It was believed forever dedicated to absolute romanticism in the bedrooms of young girls, in wrought iron with large wispy curtains but it is not! The canopy is back in force in much more contemporary versions that adapt to all styles. Demonstration in 10 images.

The canopy revisited

Maisons du monde When the canopy remains in metal and offers more classic lines, it nevertheless fits into a more modern decor. To bring the contemporary touch to this room, we placed the bed on a very dark wall almost black and we removed the traditional curtains from the bed.

The wooden version canopy

Maisons du monde Since wood is at the center of the contemporary trend, it was therefore obvious that the canopy made a beauty out of this material! Very simple with clean lines, it finds its place in a modern room by bringing for example warmth to a white interior.

The trendy retro canopy

Purpose Do you want a canopy with modernized retro lines? For this, we keep the structure, we remove the curtains and we opt for a trendy color like a gray with a touch of pink to soften the room.

The male canopy

Alinéa Men also now appropriate the canopy, but for that, the lines must be design and the structure must have a neutral color such as gray or beige. We bet on sobriety and geometry!

The metal canopy

Designer Guild The metal canopy pulls out of the game with a very refined and fine structure to delimit the space of the bed. We then put on modern colors like blue and create a headboard using a striped sheer curtain only on one side of the bed.

The weathered canopy

Essix home The romantic canopy can still find its place in an interior that will play on contrasts. For example, install a whitewashed canopy in a very raw room with concrete on the floor to give it a more contemporary look.

The seaside canopy

Essix To modernize the canopy, do not hesitate to divert it to create an original effect. For a seaside effect, why not run a fishing net over the heights of the bed to replace the traditional curtains.

The cozy canopy

Ikea Know that a canopy bed in its refined form will be able to create a kind of cocoon inside your room. The clean lines will easily adapt to a contemporary decor with colorful furniture.

The canopy outside

Maisons du monde The canopy offers an even more contemporary version by being installed outside. It is then adorned with a woven resin structure for a designer touch with light curtains to protect you from the sun.