8 green plants to have in your… bathroom

8 green plants to have in your… bathroom

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1. The Piléa


You will hardly find more adorable than the piléa for enliven the bathroom. This pretty green plant of Chinese origin displays amazing round leaves which have earned it the nickname of money plant. And since it can not stand the cold or direct sunlight, it grows quietly in the corners of the bathroom, without requiring special maintenance. What embellish a shelf or a sink edge with a nice vegetable touch!

2. The Ficus


Another one who loves heat and humidity, in other words a ideal green plant in the bathroom. Not even need to pamper him, the ficus is satisfied with a weekly watering and a hello before the shower. Its only requirement is tranquility: once it has found its place, the ficus is a sedentary who does not like to be moved.

3. The monstera


The star of all categories trendy indoor plants, it's her. Its huge round cut leaves make Instagram and our bathrooms happy, since this exotic green plant likes tropical atmospheres ... hello, bathroom paradise, between heat and humidity. And if the Monstera deliciosa is the best known, there are also variegated or climbing varieties!

4. The Banana Tree


A banana tree in the bathroom? Chiche. Incredible but true, the banana tree is a plant and not a tree, which grows without problems in pots, especially in the bathroom ... and since it can become XXL, we can also opt for a dwarf banana tree. With its large green leaves, it transforms the room into a Zen jungle, a real decorative green plant as we like them. Especially since it is easy to maintain, with heat, humidity and without direct light.

5. The Alocasia


It is also called elephant ears because of its large green leaves with raised ribs, and if it is complicated to maintain in the rest of the house, the alocasia grows by itself in the bathroom. Obviously, since it needs heat, humidity and indirect light. As long as we keep it away from the window and fog the room regularly, it is delighted. Almost as much as we do when we admire her tropical look on the sink.

6. Anthurium


Queen of tropical plants, this beautiful Colombian loves humidity, without needing excessive light. Suffice to say that she loves the bathroom, and we love her in return, since she adds a nice decorative note with her big flowers. The extra thing? We choose it white, pink or red according to our desires and the atmosphere of the room. For the rest, we let it flourish quietly!

7. The Orchid


Archi-known to amateurs, the orchid almost always ends up in the bathroom. This is because the plant is fragile and demanding, needs light but indirect light, humidity and heat… in other words, all qualities of the bathroom. The good news is that if she appreciates the atmosphere, she blooms in an explosion of colors that gives style to the room and chic to the decor, enough to make you want to take the plunge!

8. The Calathea


Like all green plants that thrive in the bathroom, the calathea needs warmth and humidity. Give it to her, she will return it to you, with her purple leaves upside down purple, her many varieties and her artistic forms. It is called the haute couture plant, that is to say if it is refined in a pond that often lacks elegance, especially since all the varieties have their specificities, their bold colors and their graphic patterns!


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