A 200 m2 apartment, 100% Danish

A 200 m2 apartment, 100% Danish

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On the occasion of the "Danish Experience" event held at the Maison du Danemark in Paris, the editorial team invites you to take a tour of a typically Danish apartment decorated by the scenographer Pernille Picherit. Bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, living room, dressing room are furnished in a 100% Danish spirit. There is a cozy atmosphere that makes you want to get inspired! Owner's tour…

The practical kitchen

Living Danish The kitchen is above all functional. It is equipped with large closets so that everything is always tidy. Good to know: in Denmark a good evening always ends in the kitchen!

The dining room to share

Danish living It can be opened on the kitchen. But one thing is certain, it brings the whole family together during meals.

The hygge salon!

Danish living The living room should be bright, comfortable and warm. To combine all its ingredients, it is preferably painted white and overlooks large bay windows to bring in as much light as possible. He is then dressed in many easy-care textiles so that children can enjoy them without the risk of being reprimanded.

The toddlers' room

Danish life The house is also that of the children! Their universe is not confined to their bedroom even if the latter has everything you need for them to flourish.

The master bedroom a condensed sweetness

Danish living Soft colors, warm and comfortable materials are the hallmarks of this decoration.

The dressing room

Danish life Danish people have a practical sense. An important criterion that is found in all rooms. This is why, storage is essential for a house always in order.

The bathroom

Living Danish Like the kitchen, the bathroom is functional with always, when possible, a touch of humor that is dear to the hearts of the Danes. Here, a canister-shaped shelf hides the beauty products.

The office area

Danish living Note: the use of neutral colors which reflects light and the importance given to materials. Even on the desk, wood is present and goes well with lacquer and felt.

Without forgetting…

Danish living The wood stove to warm all these little people.