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10 clocks to calmly switch to summer time

10 clocks to calmly switch to summer time

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Do you know which event marks the night of Saturday March 29 to Sunday March 30? It's the dreaded transition to summer time, and yes, we are losing a precious hour of sleep ... But on the decor side, it's an opportunity to set the record straight! To hang, hanging, industrial, retro or design, clocks invite themselves in decoration, and we love it. Here are our 10 favorites!

A hanging clock

Alinéa Taupe briquettes on a wall, furniture mixing red with black, combining modernity and recycled spirit. Everything in this dining room invites you to have a good time. Most " ? The wall clock suspended above the bench for the offset side.

A breathtaking clock

Original BoConcept. Just placed on the top floor of a library, this clock, decorated with turquoise scissors, enhances your interior, while bringing a decorative / design touch.

Large metal clocks

Alinéa Double hit in this New York loft-style living room. The elements of decoration impose their style: spacious leather sofa, bay windows of workshops and furniture combining metal and wood, everything comes together to create a style that is both salvaged and cozy. But the detail that changes everything is the two imposing metal clocks, cleverly placed in the room.

A loft-style clock

La Redoute A living room of such an area allows all the decorative madness. However, here, it is the loft design spirit that prevails and that's good! The huge blue sofa faces a large set of wooden shelves, and, to sublimate the set, sits a large metal clock, standing out perfectly on a white brick wall.

A designer clock

Immaculate Lexon. White on white, this wall clock merges with the wall and even disappears completely. All dressed in white, only the hands of this clock betray its presence. So, seduced?

A vinyl clock

Paragraph ## A vinyl clock Are you a rock fan in front of the eternal and nostalgic of your old single? Be aware that vinyl is very popular in decoration. Available in trays and other coasters, it even turns into a wall clock. Retro when you hold us.

Five clocks lined up

Maisons du monde We pass British time in this living room where leather and wood are perfectly combined. On the wall and on the floor, rough woods of different colors expertly combined. In terms of decoration, a leather and wood desk to blend in better with the decor, an industrial lamp, leather trunks, travel trunk style and, five clocks to get away from it all.

A red and white clock with a recycled spirit

Alinéa This living room owes its charm to a clever mixture of decorative elements. Decryption: the metal and wood multi-use coffee table, the sofa matches the armchair in aged leather, the old mirror to give perspective to the whole. And, to finalize everything, the white clock with a patina of hands and red numbers.

A seaside clock

Maisons du monde Holiday scent and seaside atmosphere with this clock, similar to a lighthouse. Practical, it can be installed in an entry as well as in a living room or a bedroom, and thus always have the time at hand.