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What bedside table for the kids' room?

What bedside table for the kids' room?

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Faithful companion of your children's bed, the bedside table plays the card of originality in this room where the imagination is in full swing. Animal shapes, diversion of objects, fun colors are there to make their living space a real space for creativity. Fill up on good ideas with our selection.

A very simple cube

Alinéa A simple little boy's room will perfectly accommodate this black veneered wooden cube. Its small size allows it to be installed in a very small space and its opening allows you to slide a few books.

Small garden fence

3 Suisses Do you want the outdoors in your bedroom? Opt for this bed accompanied by its bedside fence. We like the sheets and green decorative items that play the role of grass very gently.

White and elegant bedside table

La Redoute Elegant little girls will be delighted to install in their bedroom this pretty delicate and refined bedside table. We add a little touch of pink and pretty accessories, and voila to create a romantic atmosphere.

The cherry season

Maisons du Monde Cozy and colorful, this bedside table is ideal for a little girl's room who likes bright colors. If like us you like red in all sauces, do not hesitate to adorn the bed with sheets and cushions in the same tones.

Small hut by the sea

Maisons du Monde If you have opted for the seaside style in your children's bedroom, you can definitely play on the total look. For this, adopt a bedside table in the shape of a very decorative beach hut.

Bucolic atmosphere

Maisons du Monde The bedrooms of little pink girls are definitely not out of the decoration question. We love the atmosphere of this very bucolic room with its pastel colors, its flowery bed linen and its bedside table with butterfly handles.

Small traditional bedside table

Kids Room Staying traditional can also be the solution for choosing the bedside table for your children. Small white rectangle, drawer and round handle are timeless and can be installed in a space reserved for a boy as well as a girl.

White or blue

Maisons du Monde In a double or even mixed room, the choice of bedside tables is essential to delimit the spaces. Blue on one side, white on the other and each retains its place of life without encroaching on the other.

Destination Africa

Maisons du Monde Children will have no trouble giving free rein to their imagination in this room that calls for adventure. Dresser and bedside look like travel trunks. We love !