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Decorative coaching: Nathalie's kitchen / dining room

Decorative coaching: Nathalie's kitchen / dining room

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Our interior design coach helps readers of. Today, she advises Nathalie, who wants to redesign her kitchen open to her dining room. If, like Nathalie, you want advice on redecorating a room, you too can try to win decoration coaching!

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** A space without partitions, to let the gaze wander ** - Rhythm the volume in length with 2 bookcases to hide the kitchen work areas and separate the two spaces lightly. - To keep a feeling of space, place the dining room along the wall to create a comfortable passage area. ** Rebalance the proportions of the spaces ** - The current layout of the kitchen occupies too large a volume. Mark it out on less than 1/3 of the room. - Leave the main part to the dining area, which will be the main space, the real heart of the house and central space.


- Set up your U-shaped kitchen, with a space reserved for the oven and refrigerator in the column elements from the entrance. - Opt for low white lacquered furniture, a large durable and durable worktop, based on mineral powder, to cook comfortably and bring a high-end touch to your kitchen. Decorative tip: create a beautiful cooking space with a splashback in the same finish as the worktop, approximately 50 cm high over the entire length. - Separate without partitioning by discreetly delimiting the kitchen area with a set of bookcases allowing the light to filter into the dining area. Lighting tip: you can create a false ceiling on the kitchen side to install spotlights. Do not forget the splashbacks and the lighting.


- Opt for a table with generous dimensions of 200 cm long, for dinners of 8 to 10 people. - Use the 2 bookcases to place beautiful objects, books but also baskets, to store nearby everyday useful things and make it a friendly living space. - Place an ottoman along the wall deep enough to create a comfortable and decorative bench accommodating multiple cushions. Lighting tip: accentuate the warm space of the dining room by placing 2 beautiful pendant lights above the table.


** Compose a warm and contemporary atmosphere ** - On the floor, opt for a unique and homogeneous floor with contemporary waxed concrete effect tiles and easy to live, to gain a feeling of space. - Choose a strong room like the oak table in the dining room, which will be highlighted on the anthracite gray floor. - Choose a warm light gray paint with satin finish, less fragile than matt. - Stage the kitchen wall with a slate brick facing so that it becomes aesthetically strong and gives a beautiful perspective from your living room. ** Install a cozy and warm living room ** - Opt for a comfortable and welcoming corner sofa. - Choose low tables with an oval or round shape to bring softness. - Bring color and a cozy touch with a large colorful carpet, fuchsia for example, or another dynamic color, which will contrast and wake up the gray. - Choose an arc lamp to mark the living room area. Materials tip: prefer a wooden TV cabinet to remind the dining room table, add warmth and compose a harmonious whole.