10 tents to see the campsite differently

10 tents to see the campsite differently

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The idea of ​​sleeping on the floor, being tickled by small insects, and being awakened by the cold does not make you dream? To make you see the campsite in a new light, the editorial staff has selected for you 10 tents with original designs and functions.

Never far from his car

La Hussarde We don't all travel by train or plane. For hiking and African safaris, we have found the ideal tent for you. It is installed on the roof of your car, supports a weight up to 240 kg and has a solid ladder, do not be afraid to climb! 2480 euros

A watermelon tent to keep you cool all night

Fieldcandy In summer, fruit and camping, the three are compatible! So opt for this wonderful tent and you will not go unnoticed. With its delirious design, you will become the star of the campsite. 395 euros

With family or friends!

Gigwam The reservation galley is over! With this "tunnel" tent, you can go on vacation with all your friends and / or your whole family without being scattered over a large campsite. Thanks to its tunnels, rain or snow, you will always be with each other. From 56 euros

"Volkswagen" combi tent

iCadeau Who does not know the famous Volkswagen combi from the 60s? If buying one for traveling is an almost inaccessible option, we have found the solution: this tent takes the form of the legendary motorhome. The dimensions are perfectly replicated and it can accommodate up to 4 people. 370 euros

The perfect tent for fishing fans!

Ma Petite Maison Don't miss an opportunity to catch the right fish! With this "hammock" tent you will stay as close as possible to the wildest water points and terrains. Thanks to its system of extendable rods and poles you will be comfortably installed. 169.99 euros

Notice to revelers!

Fieldcandy Stand out from the crowd and stay at the heart of the show with this tent representing a concert with many neon lights. You will leave the lot of "2second tents" that we see everywhere. With its ultra original design, you will make dozens of jealous! 255 euros

"The smallest pub in the world"

Fieldcandy This imitation English pub tent will find its perfect place in the middle of your garden. A pretty building that can accommodate up to 3 people. The "plus": you can personalize it by writing whatever you want on the front. 395 euros

Very high quality

Amazon To go camping in the best conditions and become a real little North American Indian, opt for this multifunction tent. With its teepee shape and polycotton fabric, it will be ideal for your expeditions, can accommodate up to 8 people and even has a fireplace to light a fire to warm up during your Siberian hikes. 557 euros

In the middle of the countryside

Fieldcandy Become a real shepherd! This tent will blend perfectly into the herd with its sheep and its meadow and will be ideal for all your transhumance! 395 euros