10 designer accessories for animals at Preppy Pets

10 designer accessories for animals at Preppy Pets

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Preppy Pets of Paris decided that the art of living was not reserved only for human beings but that our friends the dogs and the cats could also claim it for the greatest pleasure of the masters. Because if the new basket of the Madison chihuahua is very comfortable, it is also very design to better integrate into the house. Discover in pictures, 10 accessories with impeccable design.

A warm dog

Preppy Pets If it is not uncommon to add a plaid to the sofa to warm up, in our dog friends, we put squarely on a cushion that includes a blanket. This cushion then becomes an ideal cocoon for all animals that are cautious or who like to play hide and seek. The good news is that the fabric is ultra resistant and very soft!

A designer basket

Preppy Pets If you are used to having only very beautiful original objects in your interior, the dog's basket can sometimes be difficult to integrate into the decor. With this very original basket, it will easily find its place! You will find an ergonomic cushion with a fleece cover for doggie comfort but no less than 9 colors available for the decorative aspect.

A bowl for cats that love fish

Preppy Pets To pamper your cat during meals, you can offer him a fine porcelain bowl whose design will whet their appetite with its fish shape and its tortoiseshell motif. Real design object made by hand, this bowl will be both aesthetic and resistant to please the master as well as the cat.

A luxurious cat bed

Preppy Pets To make your cat's bed as designer as your Le Corbusier armchair, you can offer your pet a high cocoon dressed in leather and handcrafted to guarantee you a chic and timeless design.

A cat tunnel

Preppy Pets A design playground for cats, it exists! At the same time playful for your cat and contemporary for your interior, this tunnel consists of cubes to be superimposed to build the playground. It's up to you to compose with the cubes to create a space that matches your interior.

A new generation cat tree

Preppy Pets No more completely unsightly cat tree! Rather, we put on a scratching post in the shape of a letter of the alphabet in order to form the initial of your cat. Very contemporary, this object is as much a design sculpture as an object for cats.

Bowls for large dogs

Preppy Pets So that large dogs can also enjoy their meal in a comfortable way, choose a designer and very practical meal tray due to its large size! The lacquered steel support and the steel bowls can then be exposed.

A sofa for cats and small dogs

Preppy Pets As if it were a real sofa, this bed has a wooden and steel structure and a nice cushion for the seat. Inspired by the style of the 50s, this sofa will adapt perfectly to the design of your interior.

An original niche

Preppy Pets Tired of the traditional niche that gives a rustic style to the garden? We play the offset card with a niche that takes the form of a small caravan in which small dogs or cats can settle. Bohemian spirit guaranteed!


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