10 wallpapers for a chic decor in black and white

10 wallpapers for a chic decor in black and white

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A great classic in interior design, the black and white combination is a sure bet regardless of the room in which you dare. In addition to being chic, the alliance of these two colors adapts to all styles so we do not hesitate to adopt it on our walls with wallpapers. We have selected 10 to inspire you.

All in elegance

Graham & Brown With all its curves, the wallpaper of this living room brings a lot of elegance. To harmonize the decor, opt for very chic black armchairs and accessories.

London city

Graham & Brown In this urban style office, a whole section of wall is covered with wallpaper printed with the great monuments of London. To break the drawing side in black and white, you can paint the other walls in red and choose a desk in the same tones.

Graphic paper

Over the colors If you have a recess in a room and mainly in an entrance you can also choose the black and white option by installing a very decorative graphic wallpaper.

Baroque style

4 Walls Very customary in our interiors, the damask pattern wallpaper is also adorned with sober colors like black and white to create a contemporary baroque style without fuss.

Fine stripes

4 Walls This living room plays the card of modernity with a wallpaper with fine black and white stripes. Installed on the main wall section, it gives the room an impression of higher ceiling height when installed vertically.

Or wide stripes

Sandberg Less discreet but just as pretty, this paper with large stripes also finds its place in our interiors. In an office composed of raw furniture, it becomes the contemporary touch.

Enchanted Forest

Graham & Brown This dining room is no exception to the invasion of black and white wallpaper. This model with abstract designs lets into the room an enchanted forest of the most decorative.

Geometric patterns

Over the colors To set the tone upon entry, put on a paper with geometric patterns. You are free to play the total black and white look or to decide with bright colors like yellow or duck blue.

Toile de Jouy style

Over the colors Far from having been forgotten, the Toile de Jouy finds a second youth in wallpaper. To adapt it to a contemporary interior, it is preferably chosen in shades of black and white.