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Beautiful terraces for inspiration

Beautiful terraces for inspiration

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You want to give your terrace a new look this year, but are you lacking inspiration? Do not panic, we have thought of everything! Here are 20 atmospheres that are sure to give you ideas.

A warm terrace


To bring a little warmth to this covered terrace, a large plaid took place on the imposing sofa, all dressed in white. Most of the decor: these curtains installed like on a canopy bed and which bring an intimate touch to the whole. Source: Bellemaison23 (//

A tropical terrace

How to Decorate

With its woven resin furniture, its exotic wood tables and its many orchids and green plants, this terrace offers a chic and tropical decor. Source: How to Decorate

Travel to Greece

House of Turquoise

With its large white sofa, its blue shutters and its straw pergola, this terrace takes us instantly to Greece. Source: House of Turquoise

A contemporary terrace

Bo Bedre

We fall in love with this contemporary terrace which enjoys an incredible view of the sea. Its ultra modern corner bench with light warmly frames a raw wood coffee table in a linear and discreet spirit. Source: Bo Bedre

A green roof

My Paradissi

Climbing plants find their place on terraces that dream of greenery by inviting themselves on the walls or by creating a very soothing green roof. A great idea to sting! Source: My Paradissi

Glass roof


To enjoy the terrace in all weathers without having to overlook the light, adopt a glass roof above your garden furniture. Source: StyleRoom

A comfortable hammock

Hannas Hantverk

To relax on the terrace whenever you want, why not install a simple hammock there? Source: Hannas Hantverk

Large zinc pots


To enhance your plants and flowers on the terrace, it is important not to neglect the pots and planters in which you put them. Here, in zinc, they are in perfect harmony with the white wooden floor. Source: Founterior

The swimming pool

Casa de Valentina

Rather than creating two very distinct spaces, take advantage of the same terrace to install a cozy garden furniture and a long swimming pool. Source: Casa de Valentina

A pallet terrace


From the floor to the furniture, this entire terrace was imagined with pallets. We find the result superb, knowing that the whole did not ask to spend a fortune. Source: Lorilangille

Chairs and sofa


So that a maximum of people can sit down for an aperitif, mix around your garden coffee table, large corner seat and comfortable chairs. Source: Designrulz

100% raw wood

For Interior

For a more natural terrace, bet 100% on raw wood from the floor to the furniture. A few notes of greenery will however not be superfluous so that the space remains warm. Source: For Interior

A small decorative terrace

Sycamore Street Press

The terraces do not have to be very large to be pretty. The proof is with this small concrete space surrounded by greenery and on which two modern and graphic armchairs have taken place. Source: Sycamore Street Press

Contemporary armchairs


To contrast with the warm wood of the terrace, the owners of this villa have opted for very designer armchairs. Successful bet ! Source: Bustler

Retro style

Home House Design

What a funny idea to install a dresser in the garden that would have more room inside! Arrange around the wrought iron furniture and armchairs of another time and let yourself be charmed by the authenticity of the result. Source: Home House Design

An oriental terrace


Large white sails, oriental rugs, round beanbags and cushions, here are the essential elements to recreate this oriental atmosphere on your terrace. Source: Ruffled

Outdoor and indoor decor


Curtains, carpets, armchairs, cushions, on this terrace, everything is thought to give us the impression of being inside the house. We love it! Source: HGTV

A family table

Linen and Lavender

Who says big family, necessarily says big table to receive everyone around a good meal! Here, with its raw wood and iron furniture, the terrace plays on the charm of yesteryear. Source: Linen and Lavender

Seaside spirit

How to Decorate

Timeless and trendy in every season, the seaside spirit has no trouble inviting itself onto the terrace with its soft blue and white stripes. Source: How to Decorate