New 2012/2013 collection: Castorama sees life in retro

New 2012/2013 collection: Castorama sees life in retro

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The new trend at Castorama: surf the retro wave and thus offer a delicious journey back in time at home. But reassured people with this very fifties trend, the latest collection of the brand also provides a natural range, a playful range and a cocooning range for interiors full of cheerfulness and softness.

An ultra fun headboard

Castorama ### Here is a novelty from the Castorama collection which is far from leaving us indifferent. A headboard in raw wood like a jumble so that our best memories watch over our nights. A customizable headboard, for our greatest happiness!

A colorful teenage bedroom

Castorama ### Followers of new trends, teens should melt for this bedroom decor, with an origami wallpaper, cushions of all colors awakening a black bench, a red beanbag and a green floor lamp Apple.

Fifties spirit on the desk

Castorama ### Crossword puzzles and vintage telephone on the walls, origami-style paperweight and revisited workshop lamp: yes, this workspace has everything of a retro desk! And we, we literally crack.

A very cocooning master bedroom

Castorama ### When the master bedroom welcomes a newborn baby, it envelops itself in softness, well-being and privacy for all. The right ingredients? A blue / gray color code, cottony materials, all warmed up with a few sun yellow touches. The trick to prick? Install blinds on the ceiling between the cradle and the bed of mom and dad so that everyone has a separate space.

A playful cuisine

Castorama ### Nice, the kitchen furniture has become playful slate paintings, black or even pink! Something to delight young and old who will be happy to write a little word, a recipe, ingredients with chalk ... Or when fantasy wins the greediest of rooms in the house.

Retro cuisine

Castorama ### Old advertisements displayed on the walls, zinc letters forming giant crosswords ... the kitchen revives the decor of the 60s.

Decorative toilets

Castorama ### The toilets, the least decorative room in the house? Not necessarily ! Here is the proof with this super playful decoration: customizable wallpaper imitation frames, red door slate style on which we draw and write in chalk.

A natural dining room

Castorama ### To fill the desires of nature and sweetness that arise in us after returning from vacation, the dining room is adorned with a blond wooden table, surrounded by linen curtains and plant motifs.

A vintage dining room

Castorama ### The magic formula of the vintage style of this dining room? Mismatched seventies chairs assembled around the table, a mottled globe placed on an industrial style piece of furniture and a metal wall alphabet. Back in the 70s guaranteed!