10 tables for small spaces

10 tables for small spaces

Small spaces are also entitled to a table to take meals! But so that it does not take up too much space and is ultra functional, we rather choose a clever model or one with dual functionality. We have found for you 10 tables ideal for small spaces.

A narrow table

La Redoute Inspired by the bar table, this high table has the particularity of being long and narrow in order to install two people for meals. During the day, it can also be used as an extra desk or kitchen worktop. In terms of decoration, choose colored stools to wake up the whole.

A side table that turns into a table

La Redoute If you need a sideboard in the kitchen that will allow you to store some accessories while benefiting from an additional work plan, prefer a model that turns into a side table. By unfolding the flaps, you can sit in pairs for lunch.

A table that stores in the wall

Meuble & Co Here is an ingenious system that allows you to make your table disappear into the wall by folding a section. When you need space, the table looks like a console and expands for meals to create a desk area.

A lifting table

Furniture & Co Don't want to choose between a coffee table and a dining table? No problem, there are 2 in 1 tables with low models that stand up when you need to have dinner. So you only have one table and you save space.

A compact table

Meuble & Co If you need a large dining table but you don't have the space to store it, choose a compact model that closes to form a space-saving console. The real advantage of this model is that it can store the four chairs in the center of the console.

A small foldable table

Purpose If you occasionally need a small table, choose a foldable metal bistro model. You can then slide the table behind a door or under a bed to save as much space as possible.

A flap table

Ikea If you have room to install a table but it cannot be large, choose a flap model. You can sit there at any time of the day and to enlarge the dining table, simply open the flaps.

A retractable table

Ikea Some tables do not have a flap but only one tray that you can add to enlarge the table. You can place the flap against a wall so that it disappears from the view of the inhabitants when it is not used.

A pull table

Purpose This small table will be very large as soon as its extension is pulled. The four-legged table will then have six legs to accommodate many friends for table dinners.