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Recreate an arty interior at home

Recreate an arty interior at home

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Do you want an interior that doesn't look like your neighbor's? We suggest that you recreate an arty atmosphere in your living room with a mixture of industrial style and design. Discover our shopping list for a decor with character.

Shopping list: bright paint

Dulux Valentine To give the tone of the arty spirit of your living room, you will be able to dare the bright and original colors. Here, Dulux Valentine has bet on the colors Acapulco, Blood Orange and Golf Green. The trick: use stencils to write a message on the wall.

Shopping list: a RAR Eames armchair

Vitra For the sharp arty touch, we adopt a reissue of the famous RAR armchair signed Eames. We prefer the rocking version for the fun side and we can also bet on a colored seat for a more original style.

Shopping list: an Eames Aluminum office chair

Vitra To meet the RAR armchair, we also adopted an Eames office chair. This skillfully mixes leather and aluminum for a modern and timeless look.

Shopping list: a leather sofa

Maisons du monde For the choice of the sofa, bet on a bench style that you will choose in aged leather to give a raw atmosphere to the living room. Perfect for embodying the industrial style.

Shopping list: an industrial coffee table

Maisons du monde There is no question of choosing a classic model for your coffee table. You will opt for an offbeat model like a raw wooden board on casters or a building site palette. You will find this type of furniture in industrial style signs, but you can also make your own table.

Shopping list: an articulated light

AM.PM To light up your living room, opt for an articulated floor lamp that will recall the models used by architects. Not only will you be able to perfectly orient your lighting but you will also get an industrial style.

Shopping list: an arty cushion

Ikea Finally, for an extra touch of color and to refine the arty spirit, we adopt a colorful cushion with large dots for example. You will get a successful shift with the sofa.