Wallpaper imitates natural materials

Wallpaper imitates natural materials

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What if the wallpaper looks like anything but paper? Now, the wallpaper oscillates between seduction and confusion thanks to the trompe-l'oeil. The walls are thus adorned with paper that looks like wood, stone, leather or even wool. Discover this new trend in pictures.


Lutèce ### If you are not lucky enough to have a stone wall in your interior, know that you will be able to remedy it without doing any work. And yes, Lutèce offers a wallpaper that imitates white stone for a bright and authentic interior. Lutèce, Aquamura, 33.30 euros per roll

The tiles

Grandeco ### For a very urban aspect that imitates the tiling of the metro, know that there is also a wallpaper! Grandeco perfectly imitates white and rectangular tiles which will have their effect in a loft-style interior, for example. Grandeco, City Life, 17.90 euros per roll


Koziel ### Who would have thought that knitting could be installed on the walls? The Koziel brand, it has imagined it for you and offers you a wallpaper all in woolen clothed. The effect is stunning and your wall seems to have been knitted by a skillful grandmother. Koziel, Tryko, 44.90 euros

The leather

Grandeco ### And for a chic and masculine style, we choose to dress its walls with imitation leather wallpaper. Ideal in an office or in a living room, the leather look will give a very elegant style to the room. Grandeco, Skin, 36 euros per roll