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Ikea: discover the collection of products with integrated charger

Ikea: discover the collection of products with integrated charger

Because smartphones are an integral part of our lives today, Ikea launched the very first range of furniture and accessories incorporating a wireless charger. In short, you will just have to place your smartphone on the dedicated surface so that it recharges automatically. A few months ago we announced the release of this collection, today we present the simple and refined products that compose it and which are now available in your Ikea store or on!

A wooden desk lamp

Ikea This desk lamp with a sleek design allows you to charge your smartphone both at home and in the office thanks to the wireless charger integrated in its wooden base. Simple and practical, it will fit perfectly in your home or your workplace. RIGGAD desk lamp: € 69

Immaculate lamps

Ikea Sobriety is essential for the VARV table lamp and floor lamp. As you can see, the products in this collection reflect the simplicity of their use! VARV table lamp: € 65 VARV floor lamp: € 99

Stands to place wherever you want

Ikea If you tend to charge your smartphone elsewhere than in your bedroom or on your desk, Ikea has also thought of you. Indeed, this new collection also includes induction download bases that you can put wherever you want. Ikea offers a simple model and a triple model allowing to charge 3 smartphones simultaneously. NORDMÄRKE base: 35 € NORDMÄRKE triple base: 69 €

Chargers to integrate yourself into furniture

Ikea Ikea has planned everything by also designing chargers to integrate yourself, if you do not want to change furniture. You can therefore integrate the JYSSEN charger into your work plan for example, or the MORIK charger, designed for furniture with a drawer and allowing both to charge your wireless phone and connect a device to the USB port located below . To help you pierce your furniture to integrate the charger, Ikea offers you the FIXA hole saw. JYSSEN wireless charger: € 35 MORIK wireless charger: € 29.90 FIXA hole saw: € 4.99

Accessories to facilitate wireless charging

Ikea This collection also includes accessories that simplify the charging of your devices. First of all, ROMMA boxes allow you to hide all your unsightly cables. Its cover is also designed to accommodate a NORDMÄKE triple base charger. Finally, Ikea has designed shells for your smartphone, allowing you to charge it even if it does not have induction charging technology. ROMMA cable management system: € 8.99 VITAHULT smartphone cases: € 14.95