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10 electro devices for convivial meals

10 electro devices for convivial meals

In winter as in summer, we like to spend sweet moments with family or friends. And what better way to find yourself than a good meal? A multitude of convivial cooking appliances helps you to make this meeting friendly and warm. Focus on the essential household appliances on the table.

A colorful fondue

Staub Another star of convivial cooking adapted to very cold weather: the fondue. To give it a bit of pep at the table, we choose a model in bright tones like red which brings a warm touch.

Small woks

Proline Appreciated by young and old alike, the wok also plays the conviviality card with a model made up of six small pans. Everyone can then choose the recipe they like and compose it as they see fit.

The plancha

Tefal We are used to using it outdoors, but the plancha can also be used indoors. Installed in the middle of the table, everyone can cook their small pieces of meat or vegetables.

The crepe maker

Tefal Do you want sweet or savory or both? Choose the friendly pancake maker that will delight the whole table. Each guest can choose his garnish according to his desire of the moment.

The pierrade

Tefal For natural and healthy cooking at the table, we put on the stone. In addition to being an asset of conviviality, it gives off little smoke and little odor, so we do not hesitate to use it in the house.

The hot dog device

Siméo Uncommon and yet very user-friendly, the hot dog device is the ideal ally for an evening with ease. Its two peaks keep the rolls warm while the sausages cook in just 15 minutes in the bowl.

The table barbecue

Intercol If you don't either, you don't have the patience to wait for summer to have a good barbecue, bet on an electric or gas table model. Thus, merguez and sausages are also tasted in winter!

Traditional raclette

Stadlerform We are used to seeing them in restaurants in the mountains, but they also have a small effect here. Traditional raclette machines allow cheese to be melted without cooking it. A delight for the taste buds.

A chocolate fountain

Siméo For a gourmet dessert, it's on the chocolate fountain that you have to set your sights. Planted at the ends of a peak, fruit squares or candies, soak without restraint. We love !