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10 unusual hotels to discover around the world

10 unusual hotels to discover around the world

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Are you looking for a hotel that changes from the ordinary? Between sleeping on an airplane, in a cave, in an igloo, in the middle of the ocean or in the middle of a waterfall ... The editorial staff has selected ten photos of more unusual hotels for you, to take you on a journey through the world…

In Paris: the Seven Hotel, to sleep in levitation

Seven Hôtel This futuristic design suite, with its raised bed and LED lights, is located under the roofs of the capital. We sleep in levitation to reach the 7th sky and admire the stars.

In Kenya: The Giraffe Manor to share meals

Hotel & Lodge This magnificent Scottish mansion located in a chic suburb of Nairobi will delight lovers of nature and animals. We dine by candlelight in the company of giraffes, who wake up to visit vacationers while passing their heads in the breakfast room.

In Lapland: the Hotel Kakslauttanen, to sleep in an igloo

Bored Panda For adventurers who fear the cold, this hotel allows you to sleep in an igloo while retaining the comfort of a luxury room. The glass igloo allows you to observe the northern lights!

In Italy: the Hotel Grotta Palazzase, to live in a cave

Hotel Grotta Palazzase This cliff-side hotel restaurant offers incredible views of the Adriatic Sea. We love the decor made of rocks and stones (especially in the rooms) to stick well with the universe of the cave.

In Zanzibar: the Manta Resort, to wake up with the fish

Manta Resort Hotel The Manta Resort is an idyllic destination, located in East Africa on a private island. You have the choice between the suites full of greenery overlooking the sea, or this room located 4 meters deep, which gives a unique view of the marine world.

In France: Attrap Rêves bubbles, to fall asleep under the stars At the foot of the Régagnas range, between the Sainte Victoire and Ste Beaume mountains, you can sleep under the stars and admire the stars in this amazing bubble. The decoration varies according to the chosen atmosphere: Zen and Nature (like this one with touches of anise green and white), Glamor, 1001 nights or even Chic & Design.

In Chile: the Montana Magica Lodge, in full waterfall

Huilo Huilo In the heart of the Huilo Huilo biological reserve in Chile, the Montana Magica Lodge blends into the magnificent green landscape. At its summit, a waterfall sprinkles the twelve rooms of the hotel with wooden interior decoration. A luxury cabin surrounded by nature, ideal for enjoying the view of the 100,000 hectares of forest. This reserve was also declared "Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site" in 2006 by Unesco.

In the United States: the Dunton Hot Spring, to put yourself in the shoes of a cowboy

Dunton Hot Spring Have you ever dreamed of playing cowboys and Indians? It is now possible by going to this former miner's camp located in Colorado. Teepee, animal skin decor, Indian carpet ... All to recreate an atmosphere worthy of the gold rush era!

In the Maldives: the Conrad Rangali Island hotel, in the ocean

Bored Panda Located on the island of Maldives, this luxury hotel offers a restaurant and a suite designed like a giant aquarium, through which you come across all kinds of fish, but also rays, sharks, dolphins or turtles. We like the choice of carpet and blue cushions that recall the color of the ocean.


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