Garden furniture: metal for all styles

Garden furniture: metal for all styles

In the garden, metal is a must for furniture! And no question of storing metal garden furniture in boxes because there are multiple styles that will allow you to find the one you need for the ambiance of your garden. Discover in pictures the different styles of metal, industrial or romantic furniture through the pop style.

Garden furniture in a tavern style

Maisons du Monde Who does not want to sit outside for a tavern atmosphere like a July 14 celebration? The metallic garden furniture lends itself perfectly to this atmosphere with light and functional folding metal furniture. On the color side, the winning trio will be gray, blue and red!

Provence-style garden furniture

Maisons du Monde For a Provencal summer atmosphere, we mix wrought iron furniture with a glass top with comfortable rattan sofas. The mixture is then classic and elegant for a garden furniture that will welcome your aperitifs with the family.

Contemporary garden furniture

La Redoute For a contemporary style on the terrace, opt for a total wrought iron look with timeless lines. The table has a beautiful base and offers a decorative detail with tiling as a centerpiece. To bring a touch of modernity, we put on acidulous green cushions which will not fail to optimize comfort.

Pop garden furniture

Alinéa This summer, a pop wind will blow on your garden! To brighten up the breakfasts, we mix several tables of different colors to form a beautiful surface that will welcome family and friends. Play on bright colors like red, yellow or green.

Colorful garden furniture

Maisons du Monde Note that metal is not always presented raw, it can indeed serve as a basic structure and adorn itself with a more comfortable material for the seat. Here, the metal armchair is covered with tinted rattan to give it a unique style that will awaken your garden.

Romantic garden furniture

Maisons du Monde To give a romantic style to your garden, the garden furniture should take on feminine and delicate looks. We will then opt for curved lines, volutes and curved legs. On the color side, prefer furniture painted white rather than raw metal.

Country style garden furniture

Maisons du Monde Metal garden furniture can also find its place in a country style. We will choose light metal that goes well with wood. On the lines side, opt for light and folding furniture that we will adopt for its simplicity.

Bistro garden furniture

Maisons du Monde At aperitif time, bistro-style furniture will win all the votes! It is obviously inspired by the terraces of cafes but for the house, we add bright colors that will brighten up the whole garden. And buy your new garden furniture at the best price thanks to our comparison service!

Minimalist garden furniture

Vincent Gallix Finally, be aware that metal also finds its place in occasional furniture to be placed around the pool. You will find many very design and minimalist services which will be very chic to put down your cocktails or a book for relaxation.