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La Redoute presents its new home collection!

La Redoute presents its new home collection!

La Redoute continues to settle into the world of the house with collections of furniture and accessories always as trendy. For the fall / winter seasons, the brand offers cocooning accessories, colorful design, and factory furniture. In short, everything to create the interior of your dreams! Discover some new features in pictures.

Colorful design

La Redoute To give a touch of sparkle to your living room, La Redoute relies on very designer furniture with pure lines and brilliant materials which are adorned with very bright colors. Yellow, red or green then settle in your room for an original and vitamin-rich decor. This is a technique to awaken any decor!

Factory output

La Redoute Because the industrial style is more relevant than ever, La Redoute offers original furniture that looks like it has just escaped from a factory. The lamps take on a metallic look and the shelves inevitably recall delivery containers. We play the accumulation for an even more original effect in your room.

Cozy nest

La Redoute To start back to school gently, bet on the furniture and accessories that will make your living room a real cozy nest. The furniture plays with classic lines, the white fabrics light up the room and the carpets bring a touch of softness to the whole. The decor is between the holidays and the start of the school year for a smooth transition.

Transparency games

La Redoute Design becomes a real game in your living room with furniture that uses transparency to create surprise. In your room, we mix plexi chairs with a glass table and combine everything with furniture with clean lines and some colorful accessories to create contrast.

Clean lines

La Redoute Regarding furniture, the trend is always to clean and functional lines. We appreciate the storage buffets and other traditional furniture in revisited and very modern lines. And to give them character, we put on offset accessories. You can then choose the color to unleash the whole.

Back to childhood

La Redoute To bring your decor back to childhood, La Redoute offers you deliciously retro lines with chairs inspired by those of schoolchildren and family wooden tables. Our favorite: the metal lockers for storage in playful colors like red.

Sweet night

La Redoute And to accompany your nights, you will find very chic bed linen in soothing tones to make your room a true haven of peace. We particularly appreciate this set which will feminize a male bedroom thanks to a bed linen which lights up the room.