Design idea: your rooms

Design idea: your rooms

The bedroom is certainly the most personal room in your house or apartment. This is where you start the day, and where you end it. It is your cozy little nest, your intimate space inside which few people have the privilege of entering. The decoration is therefore your own, as demonstrated by the participants of. Sober, baroque, modern ... each room has a special atmosphere, just like its owner.

Children's room

Rémy is passionate about the United States, and particularly the American: New York. His mother therefore orchestrated the decoration around black, gray, red and opted for modern furniture, overhung by photographs of buildings and.

Children's room

This faithful Marseille resident has entirely decorated the bedroom of his 4-year-old son on the theme of the sea. As a bed, it is a real boat that is erected in a corner of the room: porthole, net, anchor ... and a touch of madness with the slide which amuses the little boy a lot.

Teenage bedroom

This teenager took the decision to clearly highlight his passion through the decoration of his room: the United Kingdom. We find the Union Jack on the floor, on the walls ... and even on the desk lamp!

Youth room

After arriving in an apartment in poor condition, the new owner wanted to make his living space a real space reflecting his tastes. A big fan of the United States and especially New York, he opted for an urban decoration, with metallic gray and black in dominant colors.

Sober adult room

Manager of a guest house in Hérault, Rémy wanted to pay tribute to the past time of his grandmothers while maintaining a Languedoc style. This orange-colored room called "La Chasse aux papillons" is a nod to Georges Brassens.

Sober adult room

This house with a cozy atmosphere and soft lights is a reflection of David's personality. The latter wants its warm, sober and Zen interior.

Sober adult room

Tiffany also likes Zen atmospheres, and chose beige and dark gray for the walls of her bedroom. She also wanted to paint bamboo herself to accentuate this relaxed personal atmosphere.

Baroque chic adult room

Francine did an important work of decoration in her bedroom, all orchestrated around an atmosphere. There is a daring mixture of colors, but also of fabrics and materials. It also offers real depth thanks to the various mirrors that are erected in the room.

Adult room

DR For her new room, Yoko wanted her to be like her. We find the colors of the room, blue, white and brown in the bed linen. The lamp gives height to the whole of its arrangement.

Romantic adult room

DR To give a chic and romantic style to her bedroom, Liliane repainted the plinths in beige. Then, she opted for trendy decorative items such as linen bed linen, wrought iron headboard and old rose bedside lamp. The baroque dressing table and the frames unify the entire bedroom. The pendant lamp brings a touch of color to the beige and taupe bedroom.

Master bedroom

DR The chalet "Les Lucioles" offers a unique atmosphere per room. In it, there are several shades of pink. The brightly colored wall brings a touch of pep to the room. The bed linen matches the universe of the bedroom… In short, a beautiful room to rest!