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I want a pink and gold Christmas!

I want a pink and gold Christmas!

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Unexpected, powdered pink invites itself into Christmas decoration with elegance and romance. Feminine and soft, pink blends with the warm hues of gold and brass for a festive atmosphere of great originality. This year, I want a pink and gold Christmas!

I see pink fir trees everywhere

Sostrene Grene The high purity of the immaculate white is warmed by a dark and chic pink. Pretty decorative trees to put everywhere in the house…

Pink plates enhanced with a dash of gold

Cyrillus We love these powdered pink dessert plates surrounded by a golden thread, which makes us want to stage pastries, Christmas logs and raspberry macaroons.

Pink candles in brass candle holders

Zodio Pink candles, yes, but enhanced by brass candle holders for a festive and sophisticated atmosphere. Sublime on a clean white table, without visual overload.

A pink and gold advent calendar

Pinterest Throughout the month of December, the advent calendar is part of the decor of the show. We also choose it in a harmony of pink, gray and golden hues.

A pink and gold garland

Vanille Jolie In a natural tree or flocked with white, this pink and gold garland combines charm and elegance. And the rest of the year, it will naturally find its place in a little girl's room!

Powder pink Christmas crackers

Pinterest But they are beautiful, these pale pink Christmas crackers, with their beautiful golden ribbons! Just for them, we love a pink Christmas, right?

Snow globes with flamingos

L'avant Gardiste Favorite for this humorous snow globe, which makes us see life in pink throughout the winter. And yes, at Christmas, it's not just queens and penguins who have the right to take center stage!

A raspberry Yule log

O delices For New Years Eve dinner, also plan to play with the pink hues ... After smoked salmon and shrimp dishes, the raspberry Yule log is a must!

Pink champagne and gold glitter

The ballroom at Mckay Champagne! You have successfully completed your pink and gold Christmas decoration… And with a pink champagne and gold glitter on the table, the result will be really perfect!